Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Geohot Learning To Code All Over Again, Spotted At iOSDevCamp

Yeah you read right in the title, Geohot is again trying to make its appearance in iOS community. As we all know recently it is reported and officially confirmed that he has joined the Facebook after the Sony PS3 jailbreaking Lawsuit, so what you think? Why he is here? Is He coming again in the iOS community? In the past we have seen that geohot is disappeared from the iOS jailbreak community and started working on the Sony products but lately when they sues him, he totally disappears from the hacking community and joined the world’s biggest social network website company, Facebook. But recently some guys have seen geohot at the iOSDevCamp in San Jose, CA. With his MacBook Pro.


The above picture was taken and published in a tweet by a student iOS dev, Max Weisel, at a program called the iOSDevCamp, event originally hosted at the PayPal HQ. The student publishes the picture on which Geohot coding on a MacBook Pro with tagline, “Geohot’s learning to code all over again.”. So after this, we can say that Geohot may be again come in to the line of iOS jailbreaking and will again comes up with a new exploit like “Limera1n”.



via iDB