PowerVision Drone Reviews

Swimming under the sea is an experience you would never imagine. However, PowerVision will help you experience this by using waterproof robotic drones

PowerVision Drone Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/powervisionme
facebook.com/powervisionme https://facebook.com/powervisionme

Welly Zhang created this company in 2009. He wanted to produce electricity that could make humans see underwater clearly. In addition, all of the products feature innovative ideas. 

You will see any wizard, gimbal, or drone in this place. Furthermore, customers can see its success story in Financial Times, GIZMODO, Discovery CHANNEL, Popular Photography, etc.

Currently, its Facebook has more than 106K followers! Also, Instagram is widespread, with more than 10.6K followers. So, in this PowerVision review, I will discuss the brand thoroughly. If you’re interested, let’s move to the next part immediately! 

Why Shop at PowerVision Drone?

After reading the introduction, customers will find the brand interesting. However, what kind of interest attracts you to this company? Here I will tell you the attractive factors. 

Why Shop at PowerVision Drone?
Image credit: facebook.com/powervisionme
facebook.com/powervisionme https://facebook.com/powervisionme

First, this company is brave in creating drones with great features. They are durable, waterproof, and worth buying for underwater activities. 

Then, the prices are reasonable. You might see that electronic devices are costly. However, the brand sells its products at affordable prices

Next, this Beijing-based company has many offices worldwide. It grows significantly to serve international customers. The region covers China, the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, and South Korea.

Lastly, many publication media trust the brand’s product, which means it sells excellent items for all customers. Thus, trust this company to give you the next underwater and above-water photography level! 

What's On PowerVision Drone

This part will tell you what the brand offers to all customers. Nowadays, the company sells Aerial Drones, Marine Drones, Accessories, and PowerVision S1.

What's On PowerVision Drone
Image credit: facebook.com/powervisionme
facebook.com/powervisionme https://facebook.com/powervisionme

However, this PowerVision review will stick to these items:

  • PowerEgg X
  • PowerRay

Therefore, without further ado, let’s start with the PowerEgg X review! 

PowerVision PowerEgg X Reviews

PowerEgg X is an autonomous personal AI camera that shapes like an egg. However, please don’t see it as an egg because it is much more functional for photography and videography. 

PowerVision PowerEgg X Reviews
Image credit: powervision.me
powervision.me https://powervision.me

Customers can use it in three modes: AI-Camera, handheld, and drone. Moreover, you will have a significant focus due to the face recognition features

SyncVoice technology allows you to synchronize your phone and the device. In addition, the size is compact, so you can grab it comfortably in your hand.

If you want to use it as a drone, use the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Both Wizard and Explorer will produce a 4K UHD picture. Furthermore, this item is waterproof, allowing you to use it in the rain. 

If it is windy, don’t worry because it is 20 knots wind resistant. Plus, this durable electronic will stay up to 30 minutes in flight mode and stand up to 3.5 hours in AI Camera mode


  • Made for three modes
  • Features AI-face recognition and Sync Voice
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Long-lasting

The PowerEgg X price is divided into two, here they are:

  • PowerEgg X Explorer: $1,029.00
  • PowerEgg X Wizard: $1,349.00 

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
10.0 10/10

PowerVision PowerRay Reviews

Next, PowerRay is an underwater electronic device that produces 4K UHD pictures and videos. It features another brand item, PowerSeeker, which can find fish with sonar. 

PowerVision PowerRay Reviews
Image credit: powervision.me
powervision.me https://powervision.me

In addition, the Wizard and Explorer can sail for up to 4 knots. which is fast! You’ll love using this product because it promotes long dive times. It can hold up to 4 hours under the water

Not only is it long-lasting, but also the item can dive more than 98 feet in depth. You can see every creature inside the ocean due to the front light and video stabilization mode

So drive freely using the PowerRay app made by the brand that you can download on Apple or Android. As a result, you’ll see the most precise 1080P real-time picture streaming. 


  • Made for underwater exploration
  • It can go up to 4 knots 
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Long-lasting

So, let’s buy the items under these price categorizations:

  • PowerRay Explorer Underwater Drone: $899.00
  • PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone: $1,029.00

10.0 10/10
8.0 8/10
7.0 7/10

How Much Does PowerVision Cost?

The company has innovative ideas for launching robotic devices. However, you know well that drones and electronics are not cheap at all. 

Also, how fortunate you are because this brand offers reasonable prices. You won’t regret buying from this place because it ranges from $99.00 to $1,349.00!

Customers may get a $10 discount code when they buy it for the first time. So, let’s check the availability on the link below and purchase your preferable item now! 

PowerVision Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to another vital section of this article! In this part, I will mention the customer reviews after purchasing items from this company. 

PowerVision Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/powervisionme
facebook.com/powervisionme https://facebook.com/powervisionme

Unfortunately, I can’t find the rating on the official website. But I see some on the official Amazon store. Here they are:

  • PowerEgg X obtains a 3.8/5 rating from 83 testimonials 
  • PowerRay gets a 3.2/5 rating from 93 testimonials

 Surprisingly, the rating tends to be low. Let’s take a look at one review below: 

The picture quality is amazing! It is easy to learn to navigate, and so far no mishape! The lock on subject to follow works great! So far, we love this item!

This customer doesn’t find any problem with the product. Instead, it produces great-quality pictures and is easy to navigate. 

Another one said:

I however, have an issue with base station charging not extending more than 87% (it doesn’t charge up to 100%). However, I do not know if this unique case that applies to me only. 

This one has a problem with the charging. Sadly, it doesn’t charge fully but stops at 87% only. 

Therefore, I can say there is a love-and-hate relationship between PowerVision‘s products. Some people love the items, but somehow, the features need reparation. 

Let’s make a wish that the brand hears everyone’s criticism and suggestions so that the product will be perfect without any issues! 

Is PowerVision Worth to Buy?

From the customer reviews above, you might reconsider buying or bye. However, I can say that PowerVision is worth checking and buying.

Although some customers complain about the charging features, you can still use the device. In addition, it doesn’t have to be fully charged to use drones. 

Furthermore, the prices are affordable, allowing beginner drone pilots to train much before flying it. So, let’s see which items attract your attention the most. 

PowerVision Pros and Cons

In this PowerVision review, I will mention the brand’s pros and cons. Then, please read the list below carefully. 


  • Provides electronic devices with robotic drones
  • The drones include aerial and marine
  • Innovative and easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Available on the official website and marketplace
  • Provides limited warranty
  • Ships internationally
  • Free US shipping when you purchase $129+
  • Provides 15-day return policy


  • It doesn’t mention the shipping policy thoroughly. 
  • Some ratings are inadequate due to dysfunctional features. 

PowerVision Warranty

This tech company offers a limited warranty on all products. However, this policy only applies to defectives due to the material and workmanship. 

Take a look at the table below for the terms and conditions!

Covered Component Warranty Period
PCB Boards One-year
Sensors One-year
Gimbal Camera Six months
Motor Six months
Remote Controller One-year
Battery Six months (only for fewer than 200 charge cycles)
Battery Charger Six months

To claim a warranty, don’t hesitate to contact the team at support.us@powervision.me. The team will help you to get a repair happily. 

PowerVision Contact

Suppose you have more questions about this company, please get in touch with customer service on the following methods:

Please allow one working day to get a response from the team. Although the brand’s headquarters are in Beijing, it also has an office in North America. So, you may visit it at the following address information. 

PowerVision Address
1875 South Grant Street
#520, San Mateo
CA 94402, USA

Where to Buy PowerVision

If you want to buy drones from this company, please visit the official website. From this place, you will get original items from the headquarters.

However, you may also buy the dolphin drones, S1 Explorer Kit, and others on Amazon. The company has many customers in this marketplace. 

Also, kindly visit the website and social media for coupon codes, deals, and limited promotions. So let’s buy it directly from the linked phrase below! 


Explore on PowerVision

The company will answer your curiosity through the following section. So, check it out! 

Where is PowerVision from?

The headquarter of this company is in Beijing, China. 


Being a drone pilot requires excellent equipment and skill. PowerVision gives you a perfect recommendation for understanding marine drone works.

Moreover, the features are untouchable, allowing you to explore the ocean. So, let’s look at the brand’s products and buy the one you like the most now! 

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