Masjidal Reviews

Masjidal is a technology company that provides solutions for mosques and Muslims. Their products and services are designed to streamline processes, foster connections with Islam, and build community.

Masjidal Reviews
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One of their most popular products is the Athan+ app. The app provides prayer times, adhan reminders, and a compass to help Muslims find the qibla direction.

In addition, their products also include features such as a Hijri calendar, daily hadiths and prayers, and notifications for Islamic special events.

The brand also offers a digital bulletin board called Iqamah App. This app can be used by mosques to remotely manage their content, publish announcements, and set prayer reminders.

For the home, Masjidal offers the Athan Frame. This device provides audio and visual reminders for prayer times and the ability to play the Quran, adhkar, and other Islamic content.

Thanks to its excellent products, it is no wonder that the brand is quite popular among Muslims. As seen on social media, the brand has 12k followers on Instagram and 11k followers on Facebook.

If you’re looking for Muslim worship supplies to help make your worship activities easier, you’ve come to the right place! Below, this Masjidal review will dig deeper into the brand’s profile, product reviews, pros & cons, and many more. Read on!

Why Shop at Masjidal?

At Masjidal, you can find high-quality products at competitive prices. They offer competitive prices for all their products. They work with leading manufacturers to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

Why Shop at Masjidal?
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You can explore their most comprehensive collection to find solutions for mosques and Muslims. Moreover, you can shop conveniently and comfortably with this brand. Their website is easy to use and navigate. So, you can browse their products by category or search for a specific item!

What's On Masjidal

MyMasjidal is an online store that offers a wide range of products for mosques and homes. Their product collection includes:

What's On Masjidal
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Masjidal Products

Since the brand’s products are many, below we will only focus on the most-searched items. Thus, you can comprehend its features thoroughly. Scroll up to start!

Masjidal Athan Frame Reviews

Home is where most of our activities take place. The same goes for prayer time. Often, we utilize the moment of congregational prayer at home to have a time of worship with our family.

Masjidal Athan Frame Reviews
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When the Adhan sounds, there is no reason to ignore or skip the prayer. Athan Frame is the most innovative solution to help you get an accurate Adhan time.

Athan Frame comes with Adhan settings for each of the 5 daily prayers and optional settings for Tahujjud.

In addition, this frame also features a visual reminder 30 minutes before the start of the next prayer time. Thus, it encourages one to perform prayers within the specified time.

You can also set daily prayer reminders, dhikr, Quranic verses, prayers, and hadith in the Adhan sound settings.

Likewise, this frame also comes with an extensive library of audio content, Quran, bedtime stories, adhkar, Islamic radio in various languages, and more.

Praying on time has become a habit. The heart is contented as we pray to Allah and humble as we talk to Him. Enjoy your time of worship at home with Athan Frame, which you can get for $224.99.

Masjidal Azan Clock App Reviews

Athan+ Masjidal is an app that finds nearby mosques and displays their prayer times and iqamah. In addition, the app displays the Iqamah times of all nearby mosques, along with the prayer times at your location.

Masjidal Azan Clock App Reviews
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In addition, this app can also help you to view events, announcements, mosque reminders, and even make donations. Better yet, you can save the location of your most frequented mosques and set iqamah reminders never to miss a congregational prayer.

Azan Clock App Features

  • Find nearby mosques and view their prayer and iqamah timings
  • View the monthly prayer timings, announcements, and events of nearby mosques
  • Get prayer timings for your location with adjustable options
  • Set reminders for athan and iqamah
  • View the time remaining for each prayer and the prayer times for the entire day.
  • Display Hijri Calendar dates
  • Locate the Qibla direction using a compass
  • Get daily verses, hadiths, or duas
  • Get notifications for special Islamic events, such as Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha.
  • Enable travel mode to update notifications while traveling
  • Enjoy a 100% privacy guarantee

The brand packs the Azan Clock App with sophisticated Widgets. You can enjoy this app for both iPhone/Android users. Best of all, it’s all free, with no in-app purchases or adverts!

Masjidal Athan Frame Features and Contents

Athan+ Apps offers several easy-to-use features, allowing Mosques to share valuable and up-to-date information with worshippers beyond basic information. With this App, you can also extend your reach to users visiting the area.

Basically, Athan is divided into 2 packages; basic and premium. What makes them different? See the table below!

Basic Premium
Free plan with tons of features Advanced Features
$0 $40/month
  • Masjid listed on search screen based on user’s location
  • Display of Athan, Iqamah and Jumu’ah times
  • Countdown to the next Iqamah
  • Display the Masjid address, phone, email, and website
  • Allow users to save the most visited masjid as favorite
  • Iqamah reminders to encourage users to come to the masjid
  • Color-coded announcements based on priority
  • Driving to the masjid directions based on the user’s location
  • Manage content remotely from your masjid account
  • Integrated with the brand’s Al-Iqamah Digital Signage and Athan Frame (Athan Clock)
  • Send important announcements and reminders to users
  • Prominently display the “Donate” button to link to your donate page
  • Add your masjid logo to complete the custom look
  • Link to your monthly prayer schedule as a PDF document
  • Display announcements and reminders as a slide show with a custom link
  • List events easily Google Calendar integration
  • Add buttons for different scenarios (prayer registration, volunteer sign-up, fundraising, etc.)
  • Priority support access

Masjidal Pricing offers 2 pricing plans: Free and Premium. The Free plan includes basic features.

It display prayer times and iqamah, iqamah reminders, mosque announcement messages, mosque addresses, websites, and driving directions to the mosque from the user’s current location.

However, the Premium plan includes all the features of the Free plan, plus additional features. For example, links to mosque monthly prayer times, slides for reminders and announcements, a calendar of events, a donation button, push notifications, volunteer sign-up, etc.

You can grab the Premium plan at $9/month or $72/year. Besides, you can download Free Apps from PlayStore or AppStore on your smartphone.

How Does Masjidal Work?

After knowing the excellent features of the Athan+ App, you may want to enroll in their premium features and enjoy the benefits. So, to make it easier for you to register, below are steps by steps you can follow:

  1. First, go to the website and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Next, enter your email address and password.
  3. Select your location and the masjid you would like to connect with.
  4. After that, click on the “Sign Up” button
  5. You will receive a confirmation email. Then, click on the link in the email to verify your account.
  6. Once your account is verified, you can log in to
  7. You can now enjoy all of the features of, including:
    • Viewing prayer and iqamah times
    • Setting up iqamah reminders
    • Reading masjid announcements
    • Getting driving directions to the masjid
    • Viewing the masjid’s monthly prayer timings
    • Donating to the masjid
    • Receiving push notifications about important reminders and announcements

Masjidal Pros and Cons

Before we head to the end of this discussion, it’s better if you see the brand’s pros and cons as follows:


  • Provides a central location for Muslims to gather for prayers and other religious activities
  • Easy to use app, advanced features, and can be enjoyed for free
  • Offers educational and social programs for Muslims
  • It can be a place for Muslims to learn about their faith and culture


  • It can be crowded during peak prayer times
  • May not be accessible to everyone, such as people with disabilities or who live in remote areas
  • It may not offer all the services Muslims need, such as childcare or eldercare

Is Masjidal Worth to Buy?

Masjidal is well worth investing in if you are looking for a central location to gather with other Muslims. Their products will help you provide precise prayer time alerts and Adhan.

Especially if you live in a rural area, you can get accurate Adhan times with Masjidal products. In addition, the various features in their application will help you carry out various charitable activities and other acts of worship properly.

By using Masjidal products, you can create a sense of community and belonging for Muslims. Likewise, you can also provide a place for Muslims to learn about their faith and culture.

Masjidal Customer Reviews

After reading the above brand product reviews, we know they come with advanced features. The features and the brand have also received some excellent reviews from customers.

Masjidal Customer Reviews
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Therefore, we explored to determine what people think about Masjidal. On, the brand earned a 4.75/5 star rating.

A customer gave a 5-star rating to the brand’s products. He was happy and stated that Masjidal products are the best investment worth every dollar. He said:

After buying an athan clock for myself, I like it. I even bought 4 more clocks for my family members and everyone who came. I complimented them, and they ended up buying it!

Once again, a customer also expressed happiness with the brand’s products. This customer was happy with the features of this brand’s products. This happy customer said:

This product is exquisite with many features! I’ve already recommended this to my family and friends. They are about to buying it!

Not only Adhan reminders, this brand’s products also excel in accessing other features such as the Quran player, as stated by this happy customer:

I bought this around Ramadan. I’ve been enjoying the daily quotes, adzan, and the ability to play the Quran without using a phone. Thank you for this great invention!

In the end, most customers praise the product and its quality. The features of Masjidal products are also beneficial for customers in getting accurate adhan alarms, supporting them to worship well. Therefore, this brand is valuable in all aspects.

Masjidal Customer Services

How to Contact The Team?

Please get in touch with the team at the following steps if you want to ask about some affairs concerning the digital Azan clock. 



  • US Call Center: 1 847 629 4738
  • UK Call Center: +44 (20) 451 91 485 

Other ways, you can also reach them via:

The team will do its best to return to your questions. So, please wait at least 24 hours to receive a reply. You may also visit the address below to contact the developer. 

Masjidal Address
651 S Sutton Rd, Suite 174
Streamwood, IL 60107

Where to Buy Masjidal

You can purchase the best azan clock from this company through the official website or Amazon. Furthermore, the team will immediately send your package domestically or internationally. 

I would recommend seeking coupon codes to get discounts. Therefore, you can get a lower price for the azan clock tablet in your house or mosque!

Masjidal Warranty

Luckily, every purchase of Athan Frame receives a 90-day warranty policy. This policy is eligible for products bought at the official website.

To claim a warranty, please get in touch with the team at Remember that buyers may require proof of the orders. Furthermore, the team will not be responsible for abnormal usage. 


If you are a Muslim looking for information on products and services, we recommend checking out Masjidal. This brand is a valuable resource for Muslims looking for products that help them to perform prayers properly and on time.

In addition, their official website is easy to navigate so you can easily make purchases. What about the price? Not to worry! Their products come at an affordable price and are worth the quality you get.

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