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Swimming Headphones

Before we dig deeper into the brand’s amazing collections, it’s better to get to know about them first, ready? Okay, Zygo is a brand that provides swimming headphones as a solution for streaming audio underwater.

About Zygo
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The brand started in 2017 when the founders, Charlie and Sheera felt that swimming had fallen out of fashion with the explosion of innovation in fitness. They felt that swimming could also integrate streaming audio into workouts like any other sport.

So, in 2016, the brand introduced its first product that became a hit called the SwimTeam Headset. After a lot of research, the Zygo headset was born, which can now be accessed through their app.

The brand’s hard work did not end in vain. A number of media have featured this company due to its innovations. You can name it Techradar, Financial Times, and WSJ. Not only that, but the brand also thrived in gaining 5.2k+ followers on Instagram and 4k followers on Facebook.

So, are you curious about the brand and its incredible products? Then, keep reading as we dive into this Zygo review. We’ll examine the brand, its product reviews, and the pros and cons. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the next section!

Why Zygo?

Tired of MP3 players? Zygo invites you to partake in live streaming from your phone just like you would on land. With the vision of “your headset, your freedom“, the brand will guarantee a superb underwater streaming experience on any device!

By using Bluetooth, the brand eliminates the challenge of pre-downloading your audio selections to the headphones before you start swimming. As a result, this allows you to stream live or Zoom meetings while swimming.

Zygo Swim Headphones Highlights:

  • Bone conduction technology transmits sound through vibrations to the cheekbones. Thus, leaving your ears open for safety and comfort
  • Waterproof with IPX8 for immersion in up to 2 meters of water for up to 2 hours
  • Lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear, and stays in place while swimming vigorously
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps you stream audio from your smartphone or any device
  • Zygo app to help you access guided workouts and other features
  • Guided by an enthusiastic instructor to keep you motivated
  • Can be used by all levels of swimmers, from beginners to experts

What's On Zygo

You can find a variety of audio content at Zygo, these include:

What's On Zygo
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shopzygo.com https://shopzygo.com
  • Music: You can stream music from any streaming platform, such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.
  • Podcasts & Audiobooks: You can listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks while swimming
  • Guided workouts: The brand offers a variety of guided workouts, including interval training, tempo training, and resistance training
  • Live training: You can also access live coaching, connecting with a coach in real time and getting feedback on your swimming technique.

Not only does it excel with its audio content, but the brand also offers several devices with incredible features, such as:

  • The Zygo App allows you to access all features, including guided workouts, live coaching, and more
  • A transmitter that lets you stream audio from your smartphone or other device to your headphones. This is useful for live training and other applications where you need to listen to audio from a remote source
  • A charging case that will allow you to charge your headphones on the go

Zygo Solo Review

Do you find it inconvenient to carry your headphones around while also worrying about their safety? The new Zygo Solo Swimming Headphones come in a premium black casing that is not only versatile but also serves as a wireless charging station.

Zygo Solo Review
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shopzygo.com https://shopzygo.com

What’s even better? The case not only contains the headphones but also the transmitter. Wondering how they work together? It’s simple. With the transmitter, you can connect your cell phone via Bluetooth and convert that signal into a radio frequency suitable for underwater use.

This signal is then transferred to your headphones, allowing you to listen to audio streamed directly from your device. And don’t worry about sound quality, these headphones have outstanding sound quality, so you can enjoy your podcasts with good and clear sound quality.

Comfort and safety were a top priority during the design process. Thus, it results in lightweight and easy-to-wear headphones that will not cause discomfort during long swimming training.

Get these Solo Headphones, which include 1 headset, 1 transmitter & stand, 1 charging case, 1 pair of earplugs, and 1 microfiber cloth for only $299. Are you ready to upgrade your swimming experience with these amazing headphones?

How do Zygo headphones work?

Zygo swimming headphones are a great option for swimmers who want to listen to audio while still being aware of their surroundings.

They are also a good choice for swimmers who want to listen to guided workouts to improve their swimming performance.

However, you may have a question about how the headphones work. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how the brand’s headphones work underwater:

  • First, the transmitter sends audio signals to the Zygo headset using radio waves
  • After that, the headset receives the audio signal and converts it into vibrations
  • The vibrations next transmitted to the cheekbones and then to the inner ear
  • Lastly, the inner ear converts the vibrations into audible sound waves

Zygo Pricing

How much does the Zygo app cost?

Zygo is known for producing top-of-the-line products that are highly accurate and reliable. However, their pricing tends to be higher than some other options on the market. Below are the prices that you may consider to prepare your dollars:

Unfortunately, the brand currently has no promo codes & coupon codes to share. However, you don’t have to worry because you can sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get updates and special offers.

Zygo Pros & Cons

When it comes to shopping for a product, considering the price alone is not enough. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few pros and cons so that you can make it easier for you to weigh up before you buy. What are they? Check out the points below!


  • Patented Tech
  • Comfortable with a cap either way
  • Secure fit, firmly in place for any stroke
  • Live-coaching and real-time one-way communication
  • Compatible with any smart device
  • Patented radio frequency technology
  • Bone conduction for safety and comfort
  • Specifically designed for use in every type of water
  • Carrying case and charging station all-in-one
  • Long-lasting battery up to 2-3 hours for the headset
  • Can be used for beginners up to expert
  • Enthusiastic coaching


  • The transmitter has distance limitations
  • The price may considered as pricey than other swimming headsets

Is Zygo Worth It?

If you’re a swimmer looking to enhance your experience, the Zygo Water Headphones are worth your investment.

Is Zygo Worth It?
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shopzygo.com https://shopzygo.com

The brand designs it specifically for swimming by using bone conduction technology. Thus, it allows you to enjoy music, audiobooks, podcasts, or guided workouts while still being aware of your surroundings for safety reasons.

In addition, they’re also waterproof and have a high IPX8 rating, meaning they can withstand being submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 2 hours. Also, they’re lightweight, comfortable, and have a secure fit that stays in place during intense swimming sessions.

With all these features, the brand’s Water Headphones are worth considering for any swimmer wanting to add excitement to their routine.

Zygo Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

If you’re considering purchasing products from Zygo, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Zygo Customer Reviews
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shopzygo.com https://shopzygo.com

Our comprehensive analysis covers customer opinions on the brand’s products, their experiences with customer service, and overall satisfaction levels. Keep reading to discover what customers say about this brand and their products!

One customer is happy to share his buying experience due to the brand’s product quality and customer service. He said:

A very solid, well-made product, backed by excellent customer service. If you are on the fence, get one – it will make a world of difference to your aquatic experience!

As we explain in the paragraph above, the brand’s headphones allow you to keep going without stopping to hear what’s next. See what this happy customer said:

I love these headphones! The headphones allow you to keep going without stopping to hear what’s next. I love the fact that they don’t go in your ears – they just sit on top of them.

Next, a happy buyer left good feedback about her experience with Zygo Solo Headphones:

I love my Zygo Solo so far. I used to have a Bone Conducted MP3 Player, but it started to fail. It finally gave out so I bought this. It’s so much more fun to have Bluetooth technology.

The brand collects a rating of 4.9/5 from 567 reviews on its official website, with most customers being satisfied with their purchase of this brand. The headphones and their technology help them enjoy any content underwater. Thus, prepare your money and buy the headphones now!

How do I contact Zygo?

Zygo Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about the brand’s products, their customer service team is available through multiple communication channels. Whether you need technical support, want to inquire about their products, you can reach them via:

Where To Buy Zygo Headphones?

You can purchase the brand’s solo swimming headphones through its official website. Either way, you can buy them through Amazon and eBay if you are comfortable shopping through the marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything about Zygo and the most frequently asked questions.

What is Zygo music?

Zygo music is a collection of royalty-free music that is specifically designed for swimming. The music is upbeat and motivating, and it will help swimmers stay focused and energized during their workouts.

How long does the Zygo battery last?

The Zygo Solo headset battery lasts approximately 3 hours on a single charge. Likewise, the transmitter battery lasts approximately 6 hours on a single charge.

Accordingly, the battery life can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the volume level, the type of audio content being streamed, and the ambient temperature.


Zygo underwater headphones are a unique and innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize swim workouts. The ability to stream audio from your phone underwater opens up a world of possibilities, from listening to music and podcasts to getting live coaching during workouts.

Their headphones are comfortable to wear and offer superior sound quality. They are also waterproof and saltwater-safe, so you can use them in any pool or ocean. If you are a serious swimmer who is looking for the best possible swim workout experience, Zygo underwater headphones is definitely worth the investment!

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