Pgytech Photography Accessories Review

Realizing that photography requires a lot of equipment, a group of content creators and photography enthusiasts founded Pgytech in 2016. This company offers many accessories that can increase your hobby significantly. 

Pgytech Photography Accessories Review
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In addition, the brand has many warehouses worldwide, allowing for fast shipping. But it focuses on the China warehouse and ships internationally

You will fall in love with this company since it offers affordable prices. Although the founder’s name is unavailable, the brand has grown significantly and gained much attention from customers.

The brand’s Facebook has more than 48.1K followers. Meanwhile, Instagram is filled with 14.9K followers!

In this Pgytech review, I’ll discuss the brand thoroughly, from product to policy. Thus, let’s move immediately to the next part! 

Why Shop at Pgytech Photography Accessories?

I know you’re wondering how good the brand is. It is normal because you can’t purchase a product if the quality is none. Fortunately, Pgytech is a trusted brand that offers complete compartments and collections. 

Why Shop at Pgytech Photography Accessories?
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You will have a high-quality product to help you take pictures or shoot. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable. You don’t have to worry about the money since they are affordable. 

Not to mention that the company offers a warranty for all products. Customers can claim it under proper and standard use. The company will safely bring your package to your door wherever you are. 

Therefore, there is no reason to hate this technology company. Instead, try to purchase one item, and you’ll be addicted to buying more! 

What's On Pgytech Photography Accessories

As discussed, the company offers many compartments for your hobbies. I will tell you the five brand categories in this section. 

What's On Pgytech Photography Accessories
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Here they are:

However, this Pgytech review will only focus on these items:

  • Landing Pad Pro for Drones
  • Mavic Mini 2
  • OneGo Backpack

So, let’s start the review with the first product without further ado! 

Pgytech Landing Pad Pro for Drones Reviews

Are you a drone pilot? Then, you will need Landing Pad Pro for Drones to land the drone! This pad is different from others because it is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew

Pgytech Landing Pad Pro for Drones Reviews
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This product will be the best place to land your drone, thanks to the PU material. Furthermore, the 50 x 50 cm dimensions are perfect for this flying thing! 

It features a double-sided color design, an orange and blue. The color will be an excellent guide in distinguishing the landing place. Also, the pad is lightweight and easy to fold. As a result, you can save it in storage after use. 


  • Made of PU
  • Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant
  • Double-sided color pad
  • Lightweight and easy to fold

So, if you need this pad, check out the link below and buy this item for $19.95!

Pgytech Mavic Mini 2 Reviews

Another drone compartment that you will need to suppress lens glare is Mavic Mini 2. This item is made of PC and ABS material, weighing only 4 grams

Pgytech Mavic Mini 2 Reviews
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In addition, this item has other functions, such as avoiding stray light from entering the lens and preventing accidental damage to the gimbal. 

The drone pilot will love the product because it can control the image quality due to U shape design. Also, this 54.6 mm x 39.5 mm x 33.8 mm lens hood is easy to assemble.


  • Made of PC and ABS material
  • Prevent stray lights, suppress lens glare
  • U shaped design
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble

Then, let’s buy this compartment for only $9.95 by clicking the link below! 

Pgytech OneGo Backpack Reviews

OneGo Backpack is a favorite item that many customers search for. It is stylish with four available shades: Obsidian Black, Shell Grey, Deep Navy, and Sand Beige. 

Pgytech OneGo Backpack Reviews
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Moreover, the brand offers the bag in 18L and 25L. Photographers will love this backpack because it has customizable storage and dual-side quick access

It features dividers to organize your things neatly. Even better, it has a breathable airlift system that allows you to load a lightning carry. Don’t worry about safety because it has a magnetic instant buckle closure

Have I told you about the magnetic badge? This bag has it all! You may even bring external stuff by installing the straps at the bottom of the bag. Thus, this item is popular with photographers, travelers, and commuters! 


  • Dual side for quick access
  • Features dividers to organize stuff
  • Airlift carry technology
  • Available in two sizes and four shades
  • Suitable for photographers, commuters, and travelers

I bet this backpack bewitched you. So, let’s purchase this item now at $239.95 for the 25L and $219.95 for the 18L!

How Much Does Pgytech Cost?

Sometimes, pursuing the photography industry requires a lot of effort. Luckily, this company will aid customers by providing affordable accessories. 

You will only need as cheap as $6.95, and it is a Quick Release Pin. Alternatively, please prepare for at least $239.95 to purchase the OneGo Backpack. 

Customers may also wait for discount codes or promotions for a lower price. So visit the link below to purchase your desired item before it is out of stock! 

Pgytech Pros and Cons

This Pgytech review won’t be complete if you don’t know the company. So here, I will write you the pros and cons. 

Pgytech Pros

  • Provides high-quality photography and drone supplies
  • Has a local warehouse in China
  • Offers expert customer service 
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Ships internationally
  • Products from local warehouses get a complimentary shipping fee
  • Provides 60-day return policy
  • Has many followers on social media

Pgytech Cons

  • Products outside the local China warehouse must pay for shipping costs

Is Pgytech Worth to Buy?

Compartments for photographers and drone pilots are necessary. They must bring them because they can support the quality of pictures and shoots. 

Pgytech company is worth checking and worth buying. I can say that because the company only prioritizes customers’ high-quality products. 

Furthermore, it offers a warranty that can be claimed whenever a problem appears. Not only are they great, but they also serve worldwide customers and support your hobby! 

Pgytech Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

After reading the brand’s best-selling items, you must be curious about the rating. So please continue reading this Pgytech review because I will break down the testimonials in this section. 

Pgytech Customer Reviews
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First, here is the rating of the reviewed products above:

  • Landing Pad Pro for Drones gets a 5/5 rating from 15 testimonials
  • Mavic Mini 2 receives a 5/5 rating from 7 testimonials
  • OneGo Backpack obtains a 4.8/5 rating from 29 reviews

Below is the customer testimonial to complete the evidence:

Very happy with this landing pad. I wanted a square pad, and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s quite sturdy too, so works just fine on uneven ground.

This buyer is delicate because the landing pad fulfills his expectation. Furthermore, the pad is sturdy and works fine on a textured ground. 

Another customer said:

Glad I put this on my Mavic Mini. It has a cut down on bright sun light bleaching put my video. It is worth the price!

This customer is satisfied with the lens hood because it keeps the lens out of the sunlight. And yes, it is worth buying!

The last customer stated:

Every detail has been thought about. A great everyday backpack, and could definitely use for travel!

Lastly, the customer is happy because the backpack has beneficial features. Furthermore, he can use it for traveling!

Thus, I can say that Pgytech works perfectly in producing photography and drone compartments. Many customers are satisfied with the features and give high stars. 

Pgytech Warranty Policy

This company offers different policies in warranty. Luckily, all purchased products from this company will receive the procedure. Please take a look at the table below for further understanding:

Type of Products Warranty Period 
Filters Lifetime Warranty
Electronics One Year
Hardware One Year
Data Cables One Year
Safety Carrying Case One Year
Plastic Product One Year
Silicone Product  One Year
Fabric and Soft Products One Year
Films or Stickers 15 days
OneMo Backpack Lifetime Warranty
MantisPod  Three Years

Remember that this period starts by the date you receive your package. In addition, the brand is irresponsible for improper use. To claim a warranty, please get in touch with the team at

Pgytech Customer Service

In case you have more questions on Mantispod 2.0, the snaplock quick-release system, or other things, please get in touch through the following methods:

Customers may also fill in the Contact Form at the official website. In addition, the team provides another support ticket at the bottom right of the site. Last but not least, please visit the office at the following address.

Pgytech Address
1st Floor, 81-83 Grivas Digenis Avenue
Nicosia, 1090, Cyprus
Company Number: HE 421845 

Where to Buy Pgytech

On the brand’s official website, you can buy photography accessories such as beetle clips, Osmo pockets, and OneGo Sling bags from this company. Luckily, it ships internationally!

Furthermore, US customers may buy them from the official store at Amazon. Do not worry about the quality since the brand offers original items. 

Kindly subscribe to the website to redeem 5% off your first orders. Also, please visit social media for other coupon codes and limited promotions! 


Searching for affordable and helpful compartments for your hobby is always challenging. However, thanks to Pgytech, you won’t find it difficult anymore because it offers excellent products. 

Furthermore, the price is incredibly affordable, allowing you to have high-quality items. Thus, let’s see what items you need the most and buy them from this company! 

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