About LINSOUL Audio

LINSOUL Audio is a leading online retailer of high-quality audio gear, including headphones, TWS in-ear monitors, in-ear monitors (IEMs), digital audio converters (DACs), earbuds, and accessories.

About LINSOUL Audio
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As an authorized distributor, LINSOUL products are authentic and genuine. In this brand, you can find some of the top brands, namely LET SHUOER, THIEAUDIO, TIN HiFi, TRIPOWIN, XENNS, 7Hertz, FIIO, HarmonicDyen, iBasso Audio, and many more.

So, are you looking for new ways to express your musical style? LINSOUL has you covered! Combined with sound quality and stylish design, their earphone products are ready for you to own. Please stay in this LINSOUL Audio review as we will explain anything about this amazing company to you!


Like you, we also have questions before entrusting our money to a product. One question that may often arise is: why LINSOUL? Alright, relax your seat, because this section may be a bit long as a ride for you.

First and foremost, the brand is known for its wide selection of products from various brands, including both established and up-and-coming names. Besides being able to find audio gear products from several brands, the brand also offers some exclusive products, such as the 7HZ Timeless IEM and the Shanling M8 DAP.

If the company carries several well-known brands, wouldn’t the prices also tend to be expensive? Fortunately, no. This company offers competitive prices for all its products. Even better, they also offer various discounts and promotions throughout the year, so you can save your budget.

Delivery service & speed is also one of the points that should not go unnoticed. Luckily, this company offers fast shipping to customers worldwide. Also, they offer free shipping for orders within a certain amount.

Are those few points enough to convince you to shop with this brand? Next, the brand is committed to providing excellent customer service to its customers. The company has a team of knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always happy to answer questions and help customers find the best products.

What's On LINSOUL Audio

LINSOUL Audio is more than audio gear’s online retailer. The brand has a lot of great things to offer you. What are they?

  • End of Season Sale

Tell us, who doesn’t love discounts? Calling out all discount lovers, the brand is holding an End of Season Sale, with discounts on various products. These include headphones, earphones, IEMs, DACs, amplifiers, and accessories.

  • New Product Releases

The brand guarantees that you won’t get bored with their top-notch collection. This is because they keep releasing new products from various brands. Some of the latest releases include the 7HZ-SONUS IEM, Shanling M9 DAP, and Fiil CC Pro TWS earphones.

  • Community Events

The brand has a large and active community on social media. They regularly hold community events, such as giveaways and contests. In addition, the brand also has a forum where customers can share their experiences with the company’s products and get advice from other audiophiles.

Does it stop there? It’s not over yet. In addition to these advantages, the brand also offers various other services and features, such as:

  • Expert Reviews

The brand understands that investing your money in technology products requires confidence. Therefore, the brand publishes in-depth reviews of new audio products. These reviews are written by experienced audiophiles and provide valuable insight into each product’s performance and sound quality.

  • Bespoke Projects

The brand offers a range of bespoke services, such as custom-made IEMs and custom-painted headphones. Hence, these services allow customers to create truly unique and personalized audio equipment.

  • Educational Resources

If you are a beginner audiophile, this brand is the best source. They offer various educational resources to help customers learn more about audio gear and how to use it. Likewise, these resources include blog posts, videos, and infographics.

LINSOUL Audio KZ ZS10 Pro Reviews

4BA+1DD 5 Driver In-Ear Hifi Metal Earphones

The KZ ZS10 Pro is one of the most in-demand buyers. This earphone is an upgraded version of the previous series, the KZ ZS10. So, what does the ‘Pro’ name hold then?

LINSOUL Audio KZ ZS10 Pro Reviews
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The KZ ZS10 Pro version features a self-customizable balanced armature. It includes two 30095 drivers for high frequencies and two 50060 drivers for mid frequencies. The result? It brings transient sound, dynamic and bright in every way.

Talking about the design, the brand made it from 304 stainless steel, while the cavity is made from imported resin. These two different materials present an elegant, shiny, practical, and durable appearance.

Moreover, the detachable gold-plated 2-pin cable does not just act as a mere design. It offers full upgradeability, and the border slot protection design greatly avoids broken pins and prolongs the service life of the interface.

KZ ZS10 Pro Specs

  • Driver: 4BA+1DD
  • Impedance: 24 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 111dB
  • Frequency Response: 7Hz-40kHz
  • Cable: 125cm
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Plug

Further, the brand made this earphone based on the large cochlear data. It was scientifically molded to fit the ear like a custom earbud. Besides being comfortable to wear, it can also isolate noise effectively up to 26 dB.

LINSOUL Audio KZ ZS10 PRO X Reviews

Upgraded 1DD+4BA Hybrid Driver HiFi IEM

The KZ ZS10 PRO X is designed with premium materials for those who want the ultimate comfort and finish. Are you looking for everyday earphones that deliver clarity and power? Then, this KZ ZS10 PRO X will not disappoint you!

LINSOUL Audio KZ ZS10 PRO X Reviews
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linsoul.com https://linsoul.com

This new headset features improved high-frequency performance and specialized drivers, namely the 10mm Dynamic Driver. As a result, it delivers a more sensitive transient response, with increased bass impact and better sound clarity.

Talking about sound quality, this earphone features 4 custom-balanced armatures to deliver stunning highs with crystal clear highs. Meanwhile, the improved hybrid technology ensures increased sensitivity and faster response in your music and voice calls.

KZ ZS10 PRO X Specifications

  • Product model: KZ ZS10 PRO X
  • Sensitivity: 112±3dB
  • Impedance: 29ohm
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Frequency: 20-40000Hz
  • Cable length: about 120±5cm
  • Cable material: silver-plated cable
  • Connector: recessed 0.75mm 2pin
  • Microphone: optional

Furthermore, this earphone also gives you plenty of possibilities to change the quality of the sound levels thanks to its detachable feature. Also, its ergonomic shape ensures lasting comfort throughout the day.

LINSOUL Audio 7HZ Timeless Reviews

Earphone In-Ear Hifi Planar 14,2 MM

If you are looking for lightweight and comfortable earbuds, the 7HZ Timeless is definitely the best answer. These earbuds are tightly packed at only 5 grams each, giving you ultimate comfort at all times.

LINSOUL Audio 7HZ Timeless Reviews
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linsoul.com https://linsoul.com

True to its name, the 7HZ Timeless comes with an ultra-thin diaphragm and lightweight body. Likewise, the driver features 14.2mm planar, providing fast response, dynamic range, and excellent frequency characteristics.

7HZ Timeless Specifications

  • Driver: 14.2mm planar driver
  • Sound pressure level: 104dB/1Khz
  • Frequency response range: 5-40000hz
  • THD: <0.2%/1KHZ
  • Impedance: 14.8ohm
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Nozzle diameter: 5mm

Wondering about the sound quality? The brand uses high-quality custom cables strictly selected to deliver a smooth and satisfying sound.

Moreover, it also adopts a double-sided array of N52 magnets and an ultra-thin diaphragm. Thus, it can achieve higher sound fidelity, presenting a natural and balanced sound to ensure transparent sound quality.

LINSOUL Audio 7HZ Salnotes Zero Reviews

Hifi 10MM Dynamic Driver in Ear Earphone

What do you look for when choosing earphones? If it is an earphone that is capable of producing smooth and accurate sound without any distortion, then the 7HZ Salnotes Zero is the perfect one.

LINSOUL Audio 7HZ Salnotes Zero Reviews
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linsoul.com https://linsoul.com

The 7HZ Salnotes Zero features a revolutionary 10mm dynamic driver with a metal composite diaphragm. It was designed to resonate more easily, showcasing the best audio experience from the comfort of your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

In addition, the brand equipped this 7HZ Salnotes Zero with a detachable cable and a gold-plated 2Pin 0.78mm connector. It is made of 4 high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper cores in a parallel structure. Thus helping to avoid signal loss as much as possible and ensuring high-fidelity transmission.

7HZ Salnotes Zero Specifications

  • Model: 7Hz Salnotes Zero
  • Impedance: >32ohm
  • Frequency response range: 10-20000Hz
  • Driver: 10mm dynamic driver
  • Sound pressure level: 108dB/v@1kHz
  • THD: <1%/1khz
  • Cable connector: detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

Lastly, this Salnotes Zero 7Hz Earphone also uses fine-tuning techniques and dynamic drivers to ensure accurate and efficient audio signal transmission. As a result, it produces smooth and precise sound without any distortion.

LINSOUL Audio Kiwi Ears Cadenza Reviews

Cadenza is an earphone designed for a completely different listening experience. It has been acoustically tuned to deliver balanced sound characteristics of modern audiophile standards.

LINSOUL Audio Kiwi Ears Cadenza Reviews
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How’s it come? This is due to the through housing structure that is custom designed and 3D printed to fit the 10mm Beryllium drivers. The bass has been customized to retain the defining character of beryllium, with impact power and scintillating attack speed.

On top of that, the brand equipped Cadenza with a detachable 3.5mm IEM cable and a 2-pin connector for use with various cables. This allows customization of your IEM cable combinations, as well as extending the life of the Cadenza.

Kiwi Ears Cadenza Specifications

  • Drivers: 10mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Earphone Material: Medical grade resin
  • Cable Plug: 3.5mm
  • Sensitivity: 110dBSPL/mW
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Cable Interface: 0.78-2PIN

Whether you’re an audiophile looking for an in-ear device with cutting-edge experience or a musician needing the ultimate professional in-ear monitor, Kiwi Ears Cadenza has you covered. It will take you to music like you’ve never heard before!


The TIN HIFI T4 offers a new listening experience with studio-accurate musical enjoyment. With a total harmonic distortion of only 1% @ 1kHz, this TINHIFI T4 combines high fidelity and harmony at an incredible value.

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linsoul.com https://linsoul.com

Why so? That’s because the brand utilizes the new 10mm Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Dynamic Driver. As a result, it delivers a frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 20kHz, providing definition and detail with authority.

For those of you considering design, this TIN HIFI T4 was designed in response to TIN HIFI enthusiasts’ feedback to give you up to 32dB of noise isolation, perfect for any listening environment.


  • Shell Material: Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • Cable Type: Detachable Mmcx 3.5mm Carbon Multi-Dimensional Heavy Plug. Gold-Plated Mmcx Connector.
  • Freq. Response: 10- 20000HZ
  • Impedance: 32OHM
  • Driver: 10.0mm High-Quality Cnt Dynamic Driver
  • Sensitivity: 102 +3DB @1KHZ 0.126v
  • Distortion: 1% @ 1KHZ

Born for audiophiles and music enthusiasts on the go, the high level of acoustic performance will encourage you to experience evolution. Elevate brilliant sound quality and professional style with T4!

LINSOUL Audio Tripowin Zonie Reviews

32AWG 16 Core Silver Plated Cable Spc Earphone Cable

If you’re a Gen-Z or a millennial on a budget but still looking to take your music experience to the next level, the Tripowin Zonie is a great option to consider. It includes a silver-plated SPC cable featuring the Tripowin Zoine IEM cable, designed with 16 silver-plated cores.

LINSOUL Audio Tripowin Zonie Reviews
Image credit: linsoul.com
linsoul.com https://linsoul.com

The brand offers a variety of options to cater to its target market’s high-end music needs. This cable is available for MMCX, 2-pin, and 2-pin recessed IEMs, which can meet your requirements for both standard and professional music listening.

Following the highly acclaimed Triowin C8, the Tripowin Zonie can now provide the best budget IEM to explore new music soundscapes. For just $17.99, you can enjoy all the desired music without exceeding your budget!

LINSOUL Audio Pricing

Hey there! Interested in the cost of LINSOUL Audio? You’re in luck because we have a pricing table for you to check out. Take a look below and explore the different pricing options available to find the perfect fit for you!

KZ ZS10 Pro $45.00
KZ ZS10 PRO X $39.00
7HZ Timeless $199.99
7HZ Salnotes Zero $25.99
Kiwi Ears Cadenza $34.99
TIN HIFI T4 $109,00
Tripowin Zonie $17.99

Everyone loves a good discount, and this brand has you covered. Sign up to the brand’s email to get notifications about special deals, promos, and discounts.

LINSOUL Audio Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for quality audio accessories, LINSOUL is a brand worth considering. Like any brand, it has its pros and cons. To help you make an informed decision, check out the table below to better understand what this brand can offer you!


  • Wide selection of products from a variety of brands, including both established and up-and-coming names
  • Exclusive products are often highly sought-after by audiophiles
  • Competitive prices and a variety of discounts and promotions throughout the year
  • Excellent customer service from a team of knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Expert reviews of new audio products written by experienced audiophiles
  • Bespoke services, such as custom-molded IEMs and custom-painted headphones
  • Educational resources to help customers learn more about audio gear and how to use it


  • Some customers have reported that the shipping times can be long, especially for international orders
  • Some customers have also reported that the customer service can be slow to respond
  • The brand doesn’t have any physical stores, so customers cannot try out products before they buy them

Is LINSOUL Audio Worth It?

Linsoul Audio doesn’t doubt its quality when it comes to delivering audio products with high fidelity and clear sound. In addition, by providing a wide selection of products from various brands, you can choose a product that suits your desires and budget.

If you are looking for the best sound quality and are willing to pay a premium for it, then Linsoul Audio is worth considering. Their IEMs and headphones are consistently praised by reviewers for their detailed and engaging soundstages. Their amplifiers are also highly regarded for their ability to drive headphones and IEMs to their full potential.

LINSOUL Audio Customer Reviews

Before making a purchase, it’s always a wise decision to consider other customers’ feedback. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to scour the brand’s official website to gather customer feedback, ensuring you can buy with confidence. Look at the best-selling ratings score below:

We found a happy customer who shared his testimonials regarding the KZ ZS10 Pro. He said that this earphone is well-suited for drummer, regarding their stage or levels. He said: 

This is a must have for every drummer. I think it would be better if the cable a little longer. But that won’t affect my review!

Next, a man gave the KZ ZS10 PRO X a perfect rating because of its good sound quality. He didn’t even hesitate to influence other people to buy it. He states:

They are the only way I listen to music now. They are so good I tell everyone I know to buy some!

As expected, the 7HZ Timeless received perfect ratings from its fans. These best-selling items got a feedback:

I really like the Timeless. It’s very detailed/clear and has just the right amount of bass! Definitely a good purchase. Even though the shells don’t seem to fit my ears, they are a perfect fit, better than the Moondrop Starfeild!

We happy to find out that Audio Kiwi Ears Cadenza got 5/5 ratings due to its quality and comfortable earbuds. A happy buyer left a review:

I’m not going to go into too much detail, to be honest, the sound profile is a little bright for my taste. But I don’t mind too much. They’re very comfortable, stay on like glue and come with a more than adequate variety of tips.

Most customers are satisfied with their purchase at Linsoul Audio. They say it is worth the price, sound quality, and comfort when used. So, we are confident that their products are worth your money. Will you have the same reviews as the customers above? Just buy, and prove yourself.

LINSOUL Audio Customer Service

If you have any issues or questions about LINSOUL products, feel free to contact customer service for assistance. Here’s how:

Where To Buy LINSOUL Audio

You can purchase LINSOUL Audio’s products through their official website at www.linsoul.com, as well as on various Amazon websites including Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, NL, SE, AE, SG, FR, PL, ES, IT, and AU. Either way, you can also find their products on AliExpress DD Audio and AliExpress Linsoul Audio.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that customers often ask about the brand. Let’s check!

Who is Linsoul audio?

Basically, Linsoul Audio is a Chinese company that specializes in high-fidelity audio products, including in-ear monitors (IEMs), headphones, and amplifiers.

Where is Linsoul based?

Linsoul is based in Shenzhen, China.


Linsoul Audio is your go-to source for the latest earphone collection. Their products are proven to deliver clear sound quality and strong bass and are combined with Chi-Fi technology. Moreover, the brand also provides customization services to get IEMs with unique styles or custom prints.

Whatever your music style, Linsoul always has the earphones you need. You don’t even have to be afraid to get started, as the brand offers a 1-year warranty for most products. So, which type of Headphones, TWS In-Ear Monitors, or Earbuds will you choose?

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