Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop Reviews

Do you ever dream of aesthetic accessories or planners for your workplace and room? Then, your dream comes true! Multitasky produces fancy gadgets that will bling your eyes. 

Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop Reviews
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Julia Xu is bored with her regular activity of working for a big company. Instead, she dreams of being a director with her own company! Well then, her company was created in 2020 with other talented women. 

This brand’s product is cute and unique. For example, you’ll see airplane charging cords, pink slippers, gorgeous pens, and bright ring lights! They mostly come in pink, but the brand also offers other colors. 

Due to this innovative idea, you can see the brand on Forbes, COSMOPOLITAN, CNN, BuzzFeed, USA Today, marie claire, and so on. Also, the brand has more than 25.8K followers on Facebook and Instagram! 

Because I am interested in the brand, I will discuss the Multitasky review thoroughly in this post. If this gadget company bewitches you, let’s immediately move to the following section! 

Why Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop?

Besides being incredibly reputable, the company offers four factors to consider to buy its products. Below, I’ll explain them thoroughly. 

Why Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop?
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Here is the list:

Well-made Design 

This company promotes multipurpose designs, allowing customers to be fond of the shape and use it based on its functions. So it is practical, and the cute design can make you smile. 

Affordable Prices

Sometimes cutie gadgets may require a lot of budget. Luckily, products from this company are sold at affordable prices. Customers may even get discounts on bulk orders! 

Improve Good Ambiance

Aesthetic things can lift your mood. It doesn’t only happen to girls or women; boys and men are feeling it too! So why don’t you increase productivity by having the brand’s items? 

Complimentary Shipping Fee

US customers must be happy because they can purchase orders of $50 or more and already get free shipping! Then, order the minimum price and wait for the package to arrive at your door! 

Therefore, you don’t have another choice but to buy from this company. Are you ready to bring cuties and fascinating things to your place? 

What's On Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop

As discussed in the previous sections, the brand has many stylish items to beautify your place. Currently, it offers six categories to sell. 

What's On Multitasky (Fun)ctional Gadget Shop
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Here they are:

Lamps and Lights Power Banks and Charging Kits Phone and Laptop Accessories
Colorful Office Metallic Office Home Accessories

There are some best-selling products such as Multitasky Laptop Stand, Multitasky Karaoke, Multitasky Jewelry Organizer, and many more that you might like to use.

However, this Multitasky review will only spotlight these three:

  • Ultimate Desk Pad
  • Elegant Humidifier Lamp
  • Traveler Power Bank or Hand Warmer

Without further ado, let’s explore further on this gadget company!  

Multitasky Ultimate Desk Pad Reviews

Do you have many accessories on your desk? Then, you will need the Ultimate Desk Pad, which contains a built-in calendar and ruler sheet

Multitasky Ultimate Desk Pad Reviews
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This product is available in four shades: Cream White, Ink Black, Blush Pink, and Lavender Purple. Additionally, it can be the best place to lay down your accessories and reference since it has a place to put your notes

This ultimate work pad features a flexible cover made of polypropylene. Also, it is portable, so you can close and put it in your bag. Therefore, you may bring it whenever you need to travel and work simultaneously. 


  • Made of polypropylene
  • Available in four shades
  • Promotes organized work desk
  • Travel-friendly

So if you need to organize your things, buy this item for only $30.00!

Multitasky Elegant Humidifier Lamp Reviews

During work or pleasure time, you’ll need H2O that can make you relax. Hence, this Elegant Humidifier Lamp will be an excellent solution! This item is available in pink blush and white cream.

Multitasky Elegant Humidifier Lamp Reviews
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Additionally, it is rechargeable and can stand up to four hours. The humidifier is durable enough and is aesthetic to be put in your room or workplace. 

Furthermore, the product will give a moisturizing effect so that you won’t dry your skin too much. Its water capacity is 780 ml with a 2000 mAh battery capacity. So please turn it on to avoid dryness due to the dry climate! 


  • Rechargeable
  • It can hold up to 4 hours
  • Promotes hydrating effect
  • Durable

Then, get the offer to purchase this item for only $35.00!

Multitasky Traveler Power Bank or Hand Warmer Reviews

Isn’t it irritating if your phone is out of batteries? Don’t worry because the Traveler Power Bank or Hand Warmer has your back covered!

Multitasky Traveler Power Bank or Hand Warmer Reviews
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This cutie suitcase is travel-friendly but is multipurpose. It is available in three colors: Blush Pink, Mint Green, and Ink Black. 

You can utilize this charger for your phone with a 5500 mAh battery. Also, it is durable and compact due to ABS Silicone material. This 4.6 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches power bank only weighs 0.35 lbs.

Furthermore, you can use it as a hand warmer by pressing the silver button. However, please remember not to press the silver button if you only want to use it as a power bank. 


  • Rechargeable
  • Multipurpose
  • Made of ABS silicon
  • Available in three colors 
  • Travel-friendly and compact

Therefore, let’s visit the link below to purchase this item for only $50.00!

How Much Does Multitasky Cost?

As discussed, the brand offers affordable prices for all products. This price will benefit all customers, even international ones. 

So please prepare for at least $5.00 up to $145.00. Commonly, single items are inexpensive. In contrast, the high prices are exceptional for bundles or sets of objects. 

Moreover, the brand offers wholesale prices, which will benefit buyers. Then, kindly visit its official social media and website to own coupon codes and limited promotions.

Multitasky Pros and Cons

After knowing the aesthetic gadget from the Multitasky review, you must wonder how good or bad the brand is. Hence, this section will discuss its pros and cons. Here they are:

Multitasky Pros

  • Provides stylish and practical gadgets for home and office 
  • Promotes well-made design and offers affordable prices
  • Women-owned 
  • Available on the official website and marketplace
  • Ships internationally
  • Provides US complimentary shipping on orders of $50 or more
  • Provides 30-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from buyers

Multitasky Cons

  • It doesn’t mention complete information on the shipping policy

Is Multitasky Worth to Buy?

Alright. You read enough about the brand’s review, and now is the time to consider its worthiness. After discussing the brand’s pros and cons, I can say that Multitasky is a worth-it company

It produces fascinating gadgets that are practical and easy to use. Moreover, they are suitable for home and office affairs. Even better, the design is unique but stimulates your productivity.

Not to mention that the brand offers free shipping for US orders. Therefore, don’t think twice but let’s get your desired item immediately! 

Multitasky Customer Reviews

Here comes the essential part of this article! I know you are curious about customer reviews. So, below, I will describe the testimonials thoroughly. 

Multitasky Customer Reviews
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But first, let’s see how much the ratings of the abovementioned gadgets are:

  • Ultimate Desk Pad obtains a 5/5 from 20 reviews
  • Elegant Humidifier Lamp receives a 5/5 from 23 reviews
  • Traveler Power Bank or Hand Warmer gets a 5/5 from 23 reviews

To complete the proof, here is what one buyer said:

It is a good idea to have nice desk pads around the office to keep things neatly. It comes with a built-in calendar, which makes it easy to keep on track of upcoming events easily!

This customer is happy because she can keep her things neat on the desk. In addition, the calendar is helpful to keep her remembering the following events. 

Another one said:

This device has elegant look. I have no doubt that this item will keep my room comfortable. This is a great find!

This buyer finds the humidifier elegant and agrees it can make her room comfortable. She claims it is a game-changer! 

Lastly, a buyer stated:

This is a great power bank that is also a hand warmer and portable power bank. I use it during travel and have to keep my smartphone charged. And I use it when I am working in the cold and need to keep my hands warm.

The last buyer claims that the suitcase power bank is helpful for her daily life. For example, it can charge her phone and keep her hand warm during cold weather. 

Therefore, I would say that Multitasky provides the best and most qualified products for all customers. As a result, many are satisfied and find the product helpful for everyday affairs! 

How to Contact Multitasky

If you have further questions regarding this company, then ask for assistance through these methods:

Please wait for at least a day to two business days to get a response. But if you require a fast response, please contact the team on its social media:

  • Facebook: @shopmultitasky
  • Instagram: @multitasky

Lastly, you may also visit the office at the following address. 

Multitasky Address
1931 G St, Fresno CA, 93706

Where to Buy Multitasky

Do you want to buy gadgets from this company immediately? Then, please visit the official website to get standard US complimentary shipping on orders of $50+. 

International buyers who want original items may also purchase from Amazon’s official store. In addition, please visit the website and social media for other discount codes and exclusive deals! 


Gadgets are what we need to solve everyday problems. Multitasky offers the fanciest accessories you can use in your home or workplace.

Luckily, the items are affordable, and the brand offers free shipping. So if you need any cute gadget to lift your mood, look no further than this one! Now, let’s purchase your desired item before the stock runs out! 

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