WearWiz Techs Reviews

Health and technology are industries that are relatable to each other. Medical sectors always need tech to help in defining several exceptional cases. So, WearWiz is created to provide an accurate result for blood pressure measurement.

WearWiz Techs Reviews
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This brand is a one-stop platform from a more prominent company, Yan He Intelligent Technology, Ltd (YHE), founded in 2018. This company has many professionals and experts from the wearable wellness industry.

They worked hard and successfully released WearWiz in May 2021. Famous YouTubers have reviewed this smartwatch —for example, Adam J, Chigz Tech Review, and AppX. Thanks to the review, the brand has more than 2.2K followers on Facebook. 

So if this tech company bewitched you, I’d explain the brand thoroughly in the WearWiz review. Then, without further ado, let’s move immediately to the next section! 

Why WearWiz Techs?

I know you have an eye on this tech company. Hence, this section will write about the brand’s strength which is a beneficial factor before purchasing the product.

Why WearWiz Techs?
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facebook.com/WearWizTechs https://facebook.com/WearWizTechs

First, the wellness smartwatch from this company provides a 24-hour monitor. You can wear the watch comfortably all day, non-stop. Furthermore, it will tell your body condition well due to the practical features.

Thanks to the professional team, the company can create a long-lasting smartwatch that stays up to 7 days of standby time. It won’t shut down unless the battery runs out. So please ensure you don’t run the battery off to wear the watch at all times.

The features are convenient, and the product suits teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Note that adult supervision is a must to check on the usage of youngsters. Ensure there will be no misuse. 

The product released by Wearwiz promotes medical-grade accuracy, which has the same level as a medical tool. You will receive an exact result that demonstrates the actual condition of your body.

Last but not least, this tech company ships internationally and offers a complimentary worldwide shipping fee for orders over $299. As a result, you can purchase the item effectively thanks to the excellent service for all buyers worldwide. 

What's On WearWiz Techs

You have sufficient insights concerning the brand’s history and its strengths. However, do you know what products this tech company offers?

What's On WearWiz Techs
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wearwiz.com https://wearwiz.com

Currently, the brand produces these three:

But this WearWiz review will only focus on the first abovementioned item. So, are you ready to dig in? 

WearWiz YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch Reviews

Salute to the YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch which will accompany you throughout the day and night! It is compatible with the BP Doctor app, which is easy to use and convenient. 

WearWiz YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch Reviews
Image credit: wearwiz.com
wearwiz.com https://wearwiz.com

Additionally, you can use it from when you wake up until you sleep. If you want it, you may also monitor yourself during sleep. 

This item offers several features: Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and daily Heart Rate Monitor. 

Furthermore, you can push your fitness routine due to the outdoor running mode. The feature is perfect for daily life, and remote family management is incredibly convenient. 


  • 1.41-inch AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 170mAh Li battery
  • 54 x 38 x 12.9 mm dimensions
  • 80 grams in weight 
  • BLE 4.2 Bluetooth 
  • PPG heart rate, Triaxial accelerometer, Gyroscope sensor capability 

So if you want to own this item, check the availability and buy it for $499.00. But if you decide to buy it right now, you may enjoy a discount which lets you have it for only $199.00! 

WearWiz Pricing

Commonly, a company will sell gadgets at higher prices. However, this China-based technology brand offers the most reasonable price on the market. 

You can prepare for at least $24.99 up to $898.00 to purchase its products. The lowest comes from the Charging Station Set, whereas the highest is the duo-pack blood pressure smartwatches. 

Do not forget to check social media frequently because you’ll find other coupon codes and promotions. Hence, let’s purchase the watch now! 

How Does WearWiz Work?

If you want to buy this tech, please read the instruction below to utilize the item optimally. Here we go! 

How Does WearWiz Work?
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wearwiz.com https://wearwiz.com
  1. First, please download the BP Doctor App on your smartphone 
  2. Then, register for the application and fill in the information required, such as weight, height, and other personal information. 
  3. Once you finish the registration, please log in and connect the smartwatch to the smartphone.
  4. That’s it! You can use the features and let it monitor your heart rate for 24 hours nonstop. 

Remember to charge the watch once it is out of battery. Also, avoid using it during charging because it may decrease battery quality and influence smartwatch features. 

WearWiz Blood Pressure Checking Guide

A Guide to Start and Stop the Measurement

Blood pressure measurement is one of the best features you can experience from using the brand’s smartwatch. Additionally, customers may utilize it in two different methods. 

Take a look closer at the steps below. 

Through The Screen

  1. Click the watch screen and look for the blood pressure feature
  2. Then, press start to begin the measurement
  3. Once you think it is enough, stop the process
  4. Done, you get the results. 

Through The Button

  1. Seek for a button on the right side of the smartwatch
  2. Then, press the home button to begin the measurement 
  3. Wait for several minutes until the process finish
  4. That’s it! 

Luckily, the company prioritizes your need so that you can use the smartwatch efficiently. Therefore, which of the methods above do you think is more convenient? 

WearWiz Sitting Position for Blood Pressure Checking

Measuring your blood pressure requires relaxed seating. However, do you know the appropriate position to get a better result? Below, I’ll explain it thoroughly. 

Please follow the steps and do your best to sit perfectly. 

  1. Prepare a chair with back support and sit there comfortably.
  2. Then, put your hands at the same level as your heart. 
  3. After that, keep your upper arm body part beside your body.
  4. Once you are comfortable, give a more relaxing effort to your wrist and hand.
  5. Remember not to move your wrist or clench your fist.
  6. Also, keep your feet stay straight on the ground. Finally, avoid crossing your legs because it may influence the results. 

If you can conquer this position, continue reading to see how blood pressure measurement should work. 

WearWiz Blood Pressure Measurement

How to Measure an Accurate Blood Pressure?

After understanding the seating position and being able to sit comfortably, you need to start measuring your blood pressure. Then, prepare yourself to follow the instructions below. 

  1. Wear the watch two fingers away from your palm
  2. Afterward, tighten the band, then start the measurement 
  3. Once the result is shown, stop the process immediately 
  4. Lastly, loosen the band to your original tightness 

Note that you cannot measure twice or three times in a row. Give a break for around two or two minutes for each measurement. 

WearWiz Pros and Cons

Aren’t you curious about the brand’s plus and negative points? So, look at the pros and cons below to understand the brand thoroughly in the WearWiz review

WearWiz Pros

  • Provides the world’s first accurate blood pressure smart watch
  • Suitable for teenagers of more than 15 y.o, adults, and the elderly
  • Adjustable, durable, and long-lasting
  • Offers easy to use application 
  • Offers one-year warranty
  • Ships worldwide
  • Offers free international and local shipping on orders of $299+ 
  • Provides 30-day return policy  

WearWiz Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the founder’s name.

Is WearWiz Worth to Buy?

Purchasing a smartwatch may require a lot of consideration. However, you don’t need to think twice about buying the brand’s product since it offers beneficial features. 

I must say that WearWiz is a worth-it company that reasonably allows you to have medical-grade accuracy. Furthermore, it is suitable for almost all ages. 

Not to mention that long-lasting and free shipping will significantly influence your buying. So, please don’t waste your time but buy it directly! 

WearWiz Customer Reviews

What Do Buyers Think?

Before finishing the discussion on the WearWiz review, I won’t close the article without the customer reviews section. Thus, let’s begin! 

WearWiz Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/WearWizTechs
facebook.com/WearWizTechs https://facebook.com/WearWizTechs

The YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smart Watch receives a 4.6/5 rating from 74 testimonials. Here comes a testimonial:

My father has high blood pressure, and he must test his blood pressure everyday. So, I bought him this watch. It’s much more convenient to test at home.

This daughter is incredibly thankful for the smartwatch because it helps her dad to test blood pressure. Furthermore, it is convenient to use from home. 

Another one said:

I have used this smartwatch for a couple of weeks. It’s convenient and accurate. It’s one of the best item I have ever bought.

This customer has proved the features well. They are accurate and convenient, making him claim that this product is one of the best he has ever had.

Therefore, I can say that WearWiz does the best in creating medical-grade smartwatches for all customers. Many are satisfied due to the accuracy and convenience of wearing it. 

WearWiz Warranty

This technology company only offers a one-year limited warranty for the blood pressure smartwatch. AC adapters and USB cable doesn’t include in this policy. 

Please remember that the policy is only eligible for standard usage based on the instruction. Additionally, the team will not be responsible for items under improper use. 

To claim a warranty, please contact the team at support@wearwiz.com. Afterward, the team will guide you to the instruction. 

How to Contact WearWiz

You may have more unanswered questions concerning the smartwatch or the guide. So if you intend to contact customer service, find them at the following steps. 

  • Pop up an email to support@wearwiz.com
  • Tell your questions in the Contact Us online form. 
  • Ask directly on Facebook Messenger at WearWiz Techs
  • Hit a direct message on the official Instagram account at @wearwiztechs

Please will wait for at least one business day to receive an answer. Also, you may visit the headquarters at the locations below. 

China Headquarter
Yan He Intelligent Technology, Ltd
Room 1502, 15/F Building 8 No. 19 
Jugong Road, Binjiang District
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Hong Kong Headquarter
Yan He Intelligent Technology, Ltd
Unit 8, 11/F Quardforce Centre No. 3
Hok Yuen Street East, Hung Hom
Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Where to Buy WearWiz

The only place to buy blood pressure smartwatches from this company is via the official website. Additionally, the team will do its best to serve you as fast as possible. 

You may even get discounts and promotions using the available discount codes. Hence, stay tuned to social media to see any limited deals! 


Taking care of your health is accessible whenever you have a convenient gadget. For example, thanks to the WearWiz brand, you can experience an accurate blood pressure measurement result. 

Furthermore, the item is affordable, allowing you to have it without spending too much money. So, are you ready to check on your health from you to your family? Then, let’s buy the smartwatch now! 

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