Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

Turn Your Picture’s In To Comic Via Strips

Enjoying our selves by reading comics, taking photographs or by doing other creative thing is fun for sure but how to mak your own comic by your own pictures and read it.. Will it not be fun ?

Strip is the application which is integrated to Twitter (Only) and world’s top three pic upload site’s. Strip actually let’s you to select any picture and will turn it to a comic way by allowing you to add the Balloons or other comic effects.

It’s available for free at the App Store and below is the whole process of the fun which gets blend and uploaded to Twitter. Below is the complete process of the fun

Constantine Piping say’s

We do not want to replace us Twitter, Facebook and social networks in general. In our opinion, Twitter is the essence of the new way of understanding the global community and social networks, in particular this choice is not surprising, and we are sure that in the near future we will see more and more accustomed to applications that use Twitter and / or other social networks to authenticate users. Th iPhone users with iPhone OS 5, for example, will be able to use your Twitter account to log into the services it provides. Users want to participate and build fantastic stories, whether based on the life of all days based on extraordinary events. Current systems do not offer photo sharing an efficient, fast and lean to comment and reply to every single shot.There is always a clear division between the shared object and the comments associated with it. We thought that using the paradigm of comic books, could be a way to create new and innovative, to participate and comment on a story to take pictures there based on market response, we plan to add and offer new services based on the concept of strips. And ‘why we have provided a scalable and modular for the conservation of our comic book stories. Basically, this means doing startups. We could add all the ideas we have in an initial product. They would not be enough two years of development.