Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

WWDC 2012 Scheduled To Be Happening On June 11-15

Apple has already launched its first iconic device of this year, the iPad 3 earlier this year and now moving forward to other scheduled device’s launch, and the services launch. Normally, in the upcoming months, Apple has its traditional annual based conference with the developers over the upcoming Mac OS operating systems; upcoming iOS and other hardware focused bit talk with the developers to improve its product. Let’s come to the direct point, we are talking about the WWDC – WorldWide Developer Conference, in the upcoming months now Apple has WWDC planned for some time in the June-July, but it is not confirmed that when Apple is going to kick off this conference.
WWDC 2012
Apple normally used to introduce its new Mac OS software updates, new iOS versions and updated iPhone model every year, but from last year; Apple had changed its timeline a bit with the introduction and launches of the upcoming devices. Last year, Apple labeled its WWDC conference as only software focused conference, and skips the new iPhone launch to the September 2011, normally where Apple used to host a music-related event to launch the upgraded iPod product. However, this year again Apple is now moving rapidly towards the WWDC 2012 time frame, and the tech geeks out there are coming out with their different planning and sources to track down the Apple’s move, in order to reveal the WWDC 2012 date, before the official announcement of the conference to the developers.
Apple WWDC 2012
Apple randomly held its WWDC in the San Francisco’s Moscone West Center, and like every random event booking, the center management puts the reservation title for the regarding event on their online program tool where normal folks can check out the Moscone’s Calendar to update their selves regarding the upcoming events at the center. It is reported that Moscone Center system just listed some reservation at their system from the June 11-15, and the folks out there expects that Apple reserve this slot in the center for the upcoming WWDC 2012.

Apple typically used to hold its conference sometime in the mid of June to July, and in the whole June month Moscone has no place for the Apple, and moreover, the piece of reservation system geeks discovered entitles “Corporate Meeting” – the title Apple used to anonymous its activity in the center for booking. However, somehow, now it is expected that Apple is to kick off its WWDC 2012 on June 11 to 15.