Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Windows 8 M2 History Vault UI Revealed

Today we got a big leak and that was the leak of Windows 8 Milestone 2 Build 7955. Due to this leak, Win Rumors got a new feature running on Windows 8 and that was the History Vault. Some signs were described in M1 but the complete shape took place in M2. This feature will allow you to go back and retrieve your deleted files. It is familiar to MAC’s Time Machine, it also used to turn the clock back and use to retrieve your deleted files, edit documents etc.

Windows 8 M2 History Vault UI Revelead

Shadow copies is the main feature, introduced in Windows Vista will help the History Vault for retrieving your files. This will allow you to make backup. After this revelation, it is confirmed that a complete History Vault will be introduced in the official Windows 8.