Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Announces White iPod Touch, iPod Nano Gets Update

While announcing the iOS 5 features and iCloud features, Apple’s marketing nerd Phil Schiller climbed up in to the stage and announces the most unexpected update for the company’s iPod Nano. While the whole audience seeking for the Steve Jobs to join the keynote and announce the new iPhone.

Phil Schiller has also announces the new update to the iPod Touch series, as expected the Schiller announces the White iPod Touch along with the old black color, the company offers starting from the $199. While announcing the new update to the iPod Touch, Schiller remarked the iPod Touch as the “most popular iPod”

iPod Touch White

The new white iPod touch does not comes up with any design changes, it carries the same design as the fourth generation black iPod Touch. As the new announcement of the iPod touch only introducing the price reduction and the option of the third storage choice: 8GB, for just $199 (a new breakthrough price). The company has announces the updated version of the iPod nano, the new version of the smallest iPod, allow users to swipe between the icon and ditches the old grid interface. Other notable features include the ability to track walks and runs using  the built in Nike+ fitness app without the need for the Nike+ adapter.


The iPod nano models:

  • 8GB for $129
  • 16GB for $149

The iPod touch now comes in a Black and White model:

  • 8GB for $199
  • 32GB for $299
  • 64GB for $399

The iPod shuffle is still available in a 2GB model for $49