Mon. May 17th, 2021

U.S Government Agencies Are Willing To Pay $250,000 For An iOS Exploit

The iOS Jailbreak Community is much more than groups of hackers who have the same kind of knowledge to develop different kinds of tweaks and games for the users, or a group of hackers who works all the day and night to bringing more exploit discoveries in the iOS to take full control on their devices. Jailbreaking iPhone is not ended on taking a full control over the device now, there are numbered of teams and hackers now present in the community that is working on the different number of projects to expand the iOS devices capabilities, and more-likely the jailbreaking community is a kind of inspiration source for the Apple’s original iOS developers.

In the past, we have many times stated the jailbreak community work as cat-mouse game with Apple, on which hackers discover exploit in iOS, and launch different tools for the general public, and Apple quickly moves to cover the exploit and seed another build of iOS with more protections. However, in the last some build we have noticed that Apple had significantly secured the iOS platform with a number of different restrictions and codes that help the company to stay safe from the hacker’s attack, but not for long time.

It is now reported that there are few numbers of companies that are running business on selling the “zero-day” exploits to the different governments and making millions of revenue from their business. One of these company, Grugg, who works as an exploits breaker claims that the iOS exploit can be sell for a half million to the different governments for their defense work. The company reveals that an iOS exploit can be sell for $250,000 or more into different fields within matter of seconds. In short , the company is talking about to pay hackers for discovering an iOS exploit in the iOS devices.  iOS devices are the main gadgets these days, and most of the people love to carry them at different places, and therefore, the demand of an iOS exploit is much more than any other platform.

Grugg is a broker that connects the hacker with different agencies, and makes a deal between the iOS hacker and agency over the sale of an iOS exploit, and in return takes a 15% commission on the sales of these exploits. He claimed that he recently arranged a deal with U.S government contractor and hacker over the sale of an iOS “zero-day” exploit, and didn’t reveal any information from both sides regarding the hacker and contractor, even getting a big money from the contractor for an iOS exploit.

He believes that he could arrange more deals for an iOS exploits to the different security defense agencies those are interested in purchasing these exploits exclusively from the hackers. He even reported that he could sell the JailbreakMe 3.0 exploit, on which several agencies were interested to get their hands on the little exploit in Mobile Safari and iOS that allow hackers to land its customized application in the iOS with all privileges.