Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Update On iPhone 4 “4.11.08” Baseband & iPhone 4S Unlock

Still facing iPhone 4 “04.11.08” Baseband Unlock Problem? – It’s been five months that Apple released the first public build of iOS 5 for the general public on the iPhone 4S announcement, and iOS 5 is appeared to be the major iOS release, as the new-generation iOS 5 comes with the number of new features, services, and of course new hurdles for the iOS Hackers and users who have been jailbreaking and unlocking their devices with the free and paid alternative methods. The new iOS 5 brings the “04.11.08” baseband for the iPhone 4 users, and as we have stated before in the couple of unlock regarding updates, the new baseband comes with extra security from Apple that prevents users and hackers from breaking the restriction and turns their devices into a simple iPod Touch.

However, before any iOS public launch, the hackers warn users not to update their devices too quickly on the latest iOS 5 firmware version, but still million of users quickly updated their devices to the latest iOS 5.0 build without even knowing the facts, and no-doubt loses their unlock and jailbreak status. However, the iOS 5 jailbreak is possible, but it appears that hackers and developers around the world are still not able to unlock the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband, despite claiming hands-on the couple of working exploits that allow you to unlock iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband. Recently, we have reported you about the confirmation from Gevey Team that they are testing the “04.11.08” baseband unlock on their labs, and working on the build to make it more stable before the public launch.

On the other side, Apple had already launched the iPhone 4S with pre-installed iOS 5, and millions of users purchased the device from different carriers on packages, but still users around there looking for unlock solutions for the iPhone 4S that allows them to put other carrier SIM cards into their devices and let them access the network. Just right after the iPhone 4S launch, we had reported you that iPhone-Dev team reports that they have an exploit to unlock the iPhone 4S on several baseband’s, but they had not announced any launch date. While on the same month, Gevey again comes to the media and announced the first ever iPhone 4S baseband unlock for these baseband’s:

Unlock 04.11.08 iPhone 4 Baseband

Standing on the same edge, Gevey again claimed that they not forgot the iPhone 4 baseband unlock users, and their team is still working on the exploit to make it more successful, but they decided to launch the iPhone 4S unlock first, as many users moved themselves to the newer iPhone 4S devices, and therefore, they believe iPhone 4 is pretty older now for the users, but still they have been working on the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband solution.

While there were only two solutions to unlock iPhone 4 baseband on the iOS, the software based and the hardware one. Discussing the software based unlock solution for an iPhone 4 baseband, we have reports that iPhone-DevTeam in collaboration with other prominent baseband hackers are working on the baseband cracks, but still they have lot of things more important the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband unlock with UltraSn0w. As with the iOS 5, Apple blocked the major feature of the iOS jailbreaking the SHSH Blobmonster that allows hackers and users to save the SHSH blobs of the different devices, and then give access to downgrade their devices to the specific iOS version without any kind of hurdle.  However, reportedly, the whole iPhone DevTeam is currently working on the Blobmonster, and the iOS 5.x.x untethered exploits for the A5 and A5X devices, and therefore, we are not going to see any Ultrasn0w update from them targeting the new iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 baseband unlock.

The Gevey SIM interposer unlock is referred to as a hardware based iPhone 4 baseband unlock, as in this unlock solution users have to trick the iPhone baseband with a hardware SIM cloning that allow users to easily fake the carrier restrictions on their devices.