Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Unlock iPhone 4 Basebands 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 New Update on NCK Unlock By Dev Team

It has been so long for the Unlock for iPhone4 to come out. People waiting for past 6 months and still no response. First it was said that after iOS4.3 it will come out but they couldn’t meet the deadline and didn’t made it. They told some other good news that they are working on some good solution which is said to be permanent unlock for iPhone4 baseband.

Now the Dev-team showed up with some progress.

@MuscleNerd: Anything positive coming about your NCK attempts?
MuscleNerd Replying: finally got the SecZone dumper working (turns out it’s very different than in 2G/3G/3GS, where SZ was simply memory mapped)

The thing they are working on is some NCK 40bit code.

Now what should NCK and Sec Zone should mean to a chap man?

What is the SecZone?

This is the area in the baseband where the lock state is stored.

What is NCK Brute Force?

This is a theoretical exploit which involves brute forcing the NCK from the seczone the CHIPID and the NORID. So far no one has made public an instance of NCK discovery using this theoretical approach.

The iPhone4’s Sec Zone is completely different from the ones on iPhone2G/3G/3GS. Till now its a great achievement and a new milestone for them. The task of the Dev-Team is to capture the NCK code and Seczone, then work on BF Overflow.

@MuscleNerd: after those steps a,b,c, then get back to the SW-based hacked unlock (and revisit BF results when they’re done)

The work is in progress and it will take time to unlock the iPhone4 baseband on iOS4.1 and iOS4.2.1 baseband 2.10.04/3.10.04. If you cannot wait for the Unlock and want to use the iPhone4, so see this method here and make your iPhone4 work.