Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Unlock For iPhone4 Baseband will Come After 10-feb-2011?

Hey folks @Musclenerd few hours back Tweeted about Unlock.

@Musclenerd: Official iPhone unlock statement: no unlock will be released until after 4.2.5 or official 4.3 (whichever is last) is out.

If you don’t know about the Unlock so it was delayed due to the new release of the Firmwares. Which are iOS4.2.5 which is coming on 10th of February on Verizon iPhone4 Launching event and iOS4.3 which is expected to come some where in March. But iOS4.3b2 is out till now and it is only available to developers.

The statement of Muscenerd says that Unlock will be out after iOS4.2.5 or iOS4.3. The latest will be iOS4.2.5 by 10th of February. So we can expect an unlock after 10th of February.