Sun. May 9th, 2021

Universal Studio Content From iTunes Movie Is Now Available On iCloud

A while ago, when Apple announced to be including the Movies section on iCloud Sync, and will allow users to re-download their purchased content from the iTunes, many big publishers honored to join the program except the Fox and Universal Studio because of a confliction in their contract with HBO. Both Fox and Universal Studio prevented initially to offer their content on the iCloud Sync, and losses the chance to join the board since the launch of the service. But later, it was reported that HBO is working close with both major video publishers to lose its contract for the iCloud Sync service.



However, it is now appeared that Universal Studio has just apparently got approval or sufficient rights from HBO to offer their content back on iCloud service for the iOS devices, while the Fox content is still not supported on the service. Some users have reported that Universal Studio movie content is now available over iTunes in Cloud without any kind of restriction note, and not allowed operations.

It is now also confirmed by other niches blogs that their readers are also experiencing the same thing with their new purchases of Universal Studio videos from the iTunes. Before, today, there was a signage available below the purchased title that it will not be available through the Apple’s iTunes in Cloud service, and you won’t be able to get your hands again on the content without spending any extra bugs for the same content. However, it is now confirmed that Apple is nearly close to end up its deal with almost all big video publishers to join the iCloud sync platform.