Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

UDID Registration Now Available With FreakGeeks At Amazing Price

We are proud to announce the most needed thing for the people who are looking for the iOS X Betas and waiting for the methods to by pass the Betas. But some times we are lucky that we get metods to by pass the betas and some times we are not lucky enough to bypass them. Although not every one can pay a huge amount to enroll in the Dev Program to only use the iOS X Betas.

It is about to be a year to this blog since it was founded and the hard working has today brought us till here with the support, potential and love of our Fans/Followers.

Now with all the love and support of our fans, we are proud to announce UDID Registration for the best price for our Fans. We are not in competition with any one else, so don’t compare us with others and we got no transparency in our registrations like others do.

Other people registering UDID’s got their own price and support system. We are no way related to them. We got our own best support.

Now you must be wondering about the price?

We are not very expensive or medium expensive as compared to others, we got our own price after thinking a lot. We came up with the best price of


The another best thing is if you got more than one iDevice or got any friend who needs to register his UDID, so we will be offering an amazing deal for you. (in progress).

Now for sure you must be wiling to avail the best price and offer.  Another good news that people who dont got PayPal supported in their countries can also Pay via Secure Online Credit Card Method.

So below is the link of that.

Click Here

If your love and support stay with us, we will start another service and a deal with it as mentioned above.