Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Top Tablets For Gaming in 2014

The tablet really took a foothold in 2013 as it became a common item for most people to own in their own homes as well is been out to take them out and about with them. One great thing that you can do on your tablet is play games and the ability to do this anywhere is nothing but an added feature many people enjoy. Now that it is 2014 there are a number of tablets from the past year that you should look at trying to purchase as well is looking forward to the ones about to come.

Google is a monolith of a company in the world of technology and so when they see something’s flagship model for them it has to live up to its name and the Nexus seven has done just that. With a 7 inch screen that is powered by a quad core processor you can be sure that the Nexus seven does everything you could ever want it to do and for a great price.SUNFLEX LLC SNAKEBYTE VYPER

For 10 inch android tablet look no further than Samsung and there Galaxy Note 10.1 for your answer for playing online games including online casino games, as the 2.3 GHz quad core processor will blow away any of the competition and allow you to play any game you want for the foreseeable future on the tablet.

There are a couple of Apple products that are particularly interesting to those who like tablets this year and those are the iPad air and mini 2. It may sound surprising but both these tablets have a dual core processor that only runs at 1.3 GHz, however despite being less powerful than most of its competition is still handles everything relatively well staying smoother all times. Other than this, the tablets only differ in their screen size really as the air is a 10 inch tablet and the mini is an 8 inch tablet.