Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

The Ice Cream Sandwich To Get Built In Photo-Editor (Exclusive)

After few hours Google And Samsung’s Event of Ice Cream Sandwich will debut. The event was scheduled for 11th October and was postponed in the respect of Steve Jobs Death. Now the event is taking place on 19th October 2011, 10:00AM ET Time. You can check your Time Zones from here.

Before the event could debut, androidpolice got some important piece of information which states that Google is planning to integrate photo editor in the Photo Gallery in Android. They say that it is not 100% confirmed that the icons shown below will be shipped or not or the icons shown below will the same or not.

Below are the icons gotten from The Ice Cream Sandwich.

Note: All the tool icons were white on transparent, so I gave them a black background. The sizes are exactly how they were when we got them. Just because the icons look black and white doesn’t mean they will look like that in the app itself – they can be tinted, colored, “gradiented,” etc. Think of them as base icons.

The above small icons are said to be the on screen icons. A new built-in gallery in the .APK has also been found which reveals that The Ice Cream Sandwich might be getting the below color effects.

Above are the 19 different color arts which are expected to arrive in The Ice Cream Sandwich. “Fill Light”, “Highlight”, and “Shadow” got their own control art.

We will be seeing the launch of next Android version with many new features including the above on in just few hours. So if you are an Android user and want to stay up to date with the upcoming event so Book Mark this page and subscribe to it because we will be live streaming the event, as soon as it begins.