Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Texas Instrument Showed Up Unnamed Windows 8 ARM Tablet (CES 2012)

In the CES 2012 its time to take a look at the Windows 8 ARM tablets, which is said to be the latest tidbit come from the Microsoft in the software world to beat the fame of iPad in the real market. The Texas Instrument has just shown up its Windows 8 ARM powered tablet this week at CES 2012. The tablet is said to be powered with OMAP4470 processor and runs on the tablet version of Windows 8. Texas Instrument has not given any name to the tablet yet, and reportedly to be come in front of all at the Texas Instrument booth at CES 2012.

Texas Instrument Windows 8 Tablet

In the past Texas Instrument has refused to show up its new upcoming tablet powered with Windows 8 carrying the dual core 1 GHz processor to beat the current tablets in the market. Windows 8 is said to be the tablet friendly operating system, and we have seen the large number of manufacturers are now betting their products on the Windows 8 tablet OS.

The Texas Instrument will be one of the first tablets powered with Windows 8 Tablets; we are also unsure about the experience of this Windows 8 powered tablet, as the firm has not given any access on the tablet and showed up the tablet behind the glass. The OMAP4470 dual-core 1.7 Ghz processor is one of the latest processors who is highlighted to power the Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets in this year.

We have not heard any words from both firms about the availability and the label of the tablet, but we can expect the launch of the device in the mid of this year, as Microsoft is going to launch the Window 8 tablet version in April.