Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Stream Media From Your iDevice Using AirPlay To Windows Media Center [How To Guide]

Few days back we reported about a tool for Windows which lets you stream your Music, Videos, and Photos to your Windows Media Center using Airplay from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

The thing was really good. But no one knew how it works. Even me at first didn’t knew how this thing works. It was said to just download the files and it will work. But this is not the way it works.

Below are some Steps which will help you in making it work.

Steps to Follow:


Download Airplay for Windows

Download Bonjour for Windows

must have .net 3.5+ installed

And you must be on Windows. This is not for MAC OS X Users. And you don’t need to Jailbreak your iDevice in order to make this work.


Once the things are downloaded Install them. Once the things are installed Open Windows Media Center from Start Menu.

Now go to your iDevice and Open Photos or Videos.

Now on the top you will see a option Like shown in the picture above. Press that button and you will see a menu as shown in the above picture of Airplay.


Now select the Windows Media Center Option from that Menu.

Now navigate to Windows Media Center and over there you will be seeing the same Picture present in iPhone.

This is how the Picture will work. And for Video it will work the same way.

This is how the things work.