Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Stop Battery Over Charge on Your iOS Devices [How To]

Are you tired of heating issue on iPhone due to the phone is over charged and you don’t know when the phone is charged.

Many of the people have lost their wall chargers and have screwed their devices because of over charge. In a way that iPhone is plugged in and fully charged and you don’t know if the iPhone is fully charged or not. The charger gets heated and the chances are to get a short circuit.

Once again thanks to the Jailbreaking community for making our life easier and helped us to tackle with this problem.


20110521-040144.jpgIf you need this Tweak you must be Jailbroken on your iDevice.

Follow the Steps to get this Tweak.


Open Cydia and Search for “Full Charge Alert

Once you found it purchase it. It cost $1.15.


Once you are done with the installation and purchasing procedure, you will get a new icon in settings with the name of Full Charge Alert and you will get the following options.

Once done with all the procedure, put your iPhone,iPad, iPod on charge. When it will be done 100% it will play a tone and show you a message on the screen as shown above.