Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Sprint To Follow AT&T: Ending Unlimited Data Plans For Tethering

It appears that Sprint is also looking to follow the footsteps of AT&T after getting massive success in iPhone 4S sales in the first week. Sprint advertised its iPhone 4S with the true unlimited network package and allows you to use the tethered internet on your device, but now it seems that they are also going to pick the AT&T plan of capping tethering data.

According to the report, Sprint going to drop the “true unlimited” commercials and banners in the start of November, and will stop using the “true unlimited” term with its iPhone, as they have announced that they will cap the tethered network bandwidth. It appears that they will issue a report of new pricing of their data packages with tethering caps, same as AT&T doing with its customers. Sprint to offer 3GB, 5GB and 10GB data cap for all tethered traffic.


The most worst part of the new is, Sprint not going to provide any extra package to those customers who already on the tethered package, So it’s better to make big downloads before it’s too late. In the past few years this is the most played strategy of the carriers with their customers, first they announce that they will provide unlimited data network and after a month of massive sales they get back their words and start capping tethering bandwidth.