Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

SpotPod Allows You Control Music App Through SpotLight

Using a jailbroken iOS firmware version on the iOS device is a great advantage over the device, as you get a variety of functions on the device without any kind of limitation on the device. With the jailbroken device, you will never bore of your device, as every day you get new thing to check or test new things on your device with new jailbroken tweaks. However, there are coupled of tweaks present in Cydia that allows you to control the Music player of your device from several places, but if you are bored from all the older tweaks, there is a new tweak launched in Cydia that brings the Music control to the Spotlight of your iOS device.


SpotPod is a new tweak that allows you to control your iOS device music player right from the SpotLight of your device, and the tweak doesn’t fill up your spotlight with ugly things instead provides you an ability to control the music application with some Spotlight commands. To play and pause the music on your device, simply write “Play” in your device SpotLight, it will start playing music, and if you write “Pause” the song will be paused on your device. Similar to this act, you can also change the music on your device with the command in the spotlight “Next” and “Previous”.

However, the idea behind the tweak is very simple and innovative, as it allows the users to control the music player with some different type of controls, seem to be a bit innovative developer idea. Initially, the tweak only powers the stock music application, and doesn’t support any additional application like the Spotify, Pandora, or Gooveshark.

SpotPod is already available in the Cydia’s ModMyi repository for your iOS devices, and is available for free in Cydia Repository. SpotPod doesn’t carry any additional settings on the iOS device to configure the tweak.