Thu. May 6th, 2021

Sherif Hashim Gives a Shot to Gevey SIM For iPhone 4 Unlock

When you had seen the topic you might ave freaked out saying Sherif Hashim used Gevey Sim, damn we are in deep trouble. Today on his Twitter account he Tweeted that:

just used gevey i4 sim to unlock iphone 4, works nice, by far better performance than old ones (of the iphone 3g) specially for 3G data.

He used Gevey SIM to Unlock an iPhone 4. According to him the current version of Gevey SIM is much more better than the previous ones he used.

You people might be thinking that if he used Gevey SIM to Unlock an iPhone 4, then we should forget about Utrasn0w and use this Gevey SIM or Rebel SIM Card.

He also clarified that the Gevey SIM is no Match for Ultrasn0w, but a Temporary solution for those who are waiting for the Unlock.

still no match for ultrasn0w ofc, but a solution for those stuck for now :/

Why no match for Ultrasn0w? Because Ultrasn0w is a software based Unlock and it is for free. Thouht Gevey SIM costs about 70$+.

When he declared Gevey SIM as a temporary solution for the Unlock for ihone 4 baseband so a user on twitter asked him if Sherif Hashim has given up from the Unlock part. Serif hashim relied.

@sherif_hashim If sherif too is using a gevey, then it’s really a bigg concern for us!!

@SuperstarPranav lol no, i m only trying it, as much people where asking about it 🙂

This doesn’t meas tat the Dev-Team gave up on Unlocking. The are working on it and this is a Temporary Solution for those who are waiting for ages. The choice isyours either wait more or go for Gevey or Rebel SIM CARDS.