Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Samsung Uses iOS Map Screenshot For Promotion (Picture)

This is not the first time when Samsung was founded red handed copying Apple Stuff on its products display. This now the second time. The first you might have seen Samsung copying App Store icons in the background of its newly opened store. At that time Apple didn’t made any move and this time we also don’t expect any move to made by Apple.

This time Samsung has crossed its limits and started to show off the iOS Map.app preview on its promotional banner. This is really amazing.

The amazing thing is that Samsung copied the Picture from the blog post of blogher, by Laura Scott, in 2008. This is a big shame on Samsung that they copied three years old image from the blog post in their promotion.

Wow. Event the search bar is the same as the one posted above and the Samsung one. The only difference is of Snicker which is blocking the name of the restaurant, “Mexican Food Boulder”. The rest is the same.

On the other hand the amazing thing is that the lover is suing the loved one. In simple words, Samsung filed a lawsuit against Apple to ban the sales of iPhone 4S. The story of lawsuit has now become like an ABC for Samsung and Apple. Both are meeting each other in courts.

Lets see till when the game of Mouse and Cat will go on between Apple and Samsung. So far Samsung had been caught Twice copying Apple icons and Apps images. And Apple zero time and they won’t.