Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Samsung To Launch Galaxy S4 in Feb Next Year (Rumors)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept

Rumors for Samsung’s another powerful Smartphone-

The mobile industry is still bustling over Samsung’s Galaxy S3 but a new rumor arrives that Samsung will release Galaxy S4 in the next year. According to leaks and rumors, this Smartphone will be released at a European technology expo. Most likely this new device will be arrived in the market by February2013. Probably Galaxy S4 will be the finest and strong Smartphone yet from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be arrived to competing Apple and more rivals-

Samsung, a Korea based mobile company will launch it with lots of improved hardware specifications and technically advanced software. Probably, it will keep up its edge among the modern mobile users. Rumors indicate that Samsung Galaxy S 4is going to arrive to competing with Apple and other rivals. This upcoming device from Samsung will surely come with a boom in the mobile industry.Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept

Expected features of Galaxy S 4-

There are no words from the company about the features and specifications of upcoming Galaxy S4. However, we can get idea about the features on the basis of rumors and leaks.  As per the sources, this handset will come with LTE networks and Exynos-branded application processors. Rumors also point out that this most powerful Smartphone from Samsung will be powered by quad-core chips. This device will come with 5-inch OLED display (Samsung S3 has 4.8” screen). However, Samsung has not cleared about the screen technology and they refuse the comments to the Korea Times.  One of the Samsung partner unveil that Galaxy S4 will come with some changes in design but it will keep up its most popular rectangular shape with rounded corners.

True Successor of Galaxy S3-

Rumors pointed out that GalaxyS4 will fix all the issues of Galaxy S3. The main complaint with Galaxy S3 is the battery life of device. Probably this issue will be solved in Galaxy S4.  Additionally, it will fix other reported issues including overheating, faulty Wi-Fi connectivity, microphone, etc. of Galaxy S3. Thanks to the rumors and leaks, Samsung’s fans can come to know about the successor of well loved Samsung device- Galaxy s3. Sources indicate that this mobile phone will be packed with all those features which can match up the prospects of current generation.

Price and availability-   

As per the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in February 2013. There are no details about the prices of this next-generation Smartphone yet.