Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Samsung To Impose A Ban On iPhone 4S Sales In France And Italy

Apple didn’t introduced iPhone 5 this year, but they introduced iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S is not redesigned as many people were expecting it to be redesigned, reallocated side buttons and changed home buttons. The design is the same as iPhone 4. The thing which is changed is the processor and all the inner parts. iPhone 4S will be a success or not this will be told after it is released world wide.

Some one is looking forward to block the sales of iPhone 4S in France and Italy. It is the one and only and from always, Samsung. Samsung was planning to ban the sales of iPhone 5 in Korea before it is launched and unluckily Apple released iPhone 4S. The war between Apple and Samsung was going on and still it seems to carry on.

Today Samsung announced that it will indeed file requests for preliminary injunctions today in France and Italy.

Samsung Electronics will file separate preliminary injunction motions in Paris, France and Milano, Italy on October 5 local time requesting the courts block the sale of Apple’s iPhone 4S in the respective markets. 

Samsung’s preliminary injunction requests in France and Italy will each cite two patent infringements related to wireless telecommunications technology, specifically Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standards for 3G mobile handsets.

A part from France and Italy, Samsung is planning to file additional request in other countries after seeing the situation. Samsung wants to band the sales because it believes that Apple has infringe  the patents of Wire Less Technology and specially the WCDMA standards for 3G mobile handsets.

This WCDMA some what matched with the new iPhone 4S which is World iPhone. It means that the new iPhone 4S is both CDMA and GSM. It will work on both CDMA and GSM, no need to buy CDMA and GSM separately. As noted by macumors

Apple has argued that those patents are essential enough to the basic operation of 3G wireless technologies that they should be subject to FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) terms requiring Samsung to license them under reasonable terms.

Samsung is working hard to block the sales of iPhone 4S in France And Italy and on other hand they cannot stop copying Apple Store icons in its stores.