Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Pictures & Video-Featuring 12 MP Camera & Quard Core Processor

The leaked pictures and features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 show that it is a great handset that has amazing design and style. There is the front facing camera as well as home button on front side and at the back, there is the 12 MP camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to hit the markets with quad core processor, improved camera, NFC technology, HD display, 4G connectivity as well as Ice Cream Sandwich OS all wrapped up into a slim and stylish case.

Features that can be enjoyed

Talking about the specifications, the phone will be there with 12 MP camera, super bright AMOLED 3D display screen, 4G and quad core processor. It is believed that the brand has been busy working on Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is further expected that the gadget will have Exynos 4212 processor that is clocked at ARM Cortex A9 chip as well as 1.8GHz that will surely provide 30 percent reduction in the overall power consumption as well as 25 percent performance boost.

Some top features of Samsung Galaxy S3 include:

  •  Quad core processor
  •  NFC chip
  •  Low SAR levels
  •  3D AMOLED display screen
  •  Slim style and case

Screen and storage

Surely, the handset looks better and more amazing than S2 and has superb AMOLED display that will be fat better than the previous Galaxy phone. The Galaxy S3 will also have multi tasking option that allows the users to run various applications easily and simultaneously. In order to enable simple multi tasking and enjoy playing the games, it is believed that the phone will be featured with the 2GB RAM. Also, it is likely to serve as the first Smartphone with 2GB RAM and will be featured with a great 32 GB storage capacity.

Style and design

The Galaxy S3 will also be the slimmest Smartphone in the world ever. Another interesting feature to take note of is that the handset will have lowest SAR value that is actually the amount of radiation that is emitted by a phone.


The Samsung handset has gained much admiration and popularity in the markets now. It is expected that the sales will be great, greater than that of S2. Also, with the improved camera and quad core processor, the handset will surely become a must buy phone for the tech savvy users.

Stay tuned with us to know when the handset gets launched and at what prices. We will keep you updated about the S3 features, price and specifications.

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