Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Samsung and China ZTE Overtakes Apple In Global Phone Sales

It appears that Apple is losing its glory of the World’s top smartphone selling vendor to the Korean based company and one of the biggest rivals of the Apple, Samsung. It is reported that Samsung had beaten the Apple in smartphone sales in the past Q3 quarter. Along with it is also reported by the analyst firm that China’s handset maker ZTE also beats the Apple in the production of smartphones, and become’s the world’s No. 4 mobile phones maker.

Apple was on No.3. From last three-months, but with the announcement of Q3 earning Apple reveals that they have actually broken the hopes of an analyst and lost their glory in front of other mobile manufacturers. In the start of year, Apple beat the Nokia and become the top-selling smartphone manufacturer but with the hearing of Q3 earnings, Samsung gained the title from Apple.

According to the earning reports, during Q3 ZTE shipped more than 18.5 million cell phones, , a jump from 14 million devices during the same period in 2010, research firm Strategy Analytics announced Thursday. At the same time, Apple shipped only 17.1 million iPhones, up from 14.1 million devices in the third quarter of 2010, but interestingly down from 20.34 million from the previous quarter of the year.

Researchers point out that Apple lost its glory due to a big gap in the introduction of the new device, and also the rumors of iPhone 5 had just destroyed the sales of the third quarter of this year. On the other side, ZTE and Samsung gain a lot of popularity among customers by their complex pricing on the introduction of new Android smartphones. However, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claimed that “One of every six dollars the tech giant earned during fiscal 2011 reportedly came from China’s sales” while talking to the press reporters.