Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Run Linux On iPad and iPhone – How To Guide (Soon)

Its pretty interesting and good news for tablet and Linux lovers may be none of you had ever think about running Linux on iOS devices. Recently I was going through my Google+ timeline and found out that Patrick Wildt, had posted some pictures of his iPad showing command line of Linux on following the complete thread I have found that he is working on the project to run Linux on iOS devices, you may be know him on twitter as @BluerisEN. He has posted two to three pictures of his project Linux running on iPad, and didn’t say too much about the project.

But as far as I remember, this is not the first project of porting some other OS to iOS devices, in the past we have seen the porting of Android on iPhone but that was only compatible with old generation devices, in other words limited to the iPhone 3GS. The project of running Linux on iPad and iPhone is based on the Apple’s A4 devices, and currently not released but the developer said it will be also limited to the A4 based devices, not going to work on Apple’s next generation A5 Processor, which we have spotted in iPad 2.


We have written this post with update, whenever the developer releases the software we will update you and also provide you complete step by step guide of installing Linux on your iPad and iPhone.