Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Proview Sues Apple Now In U.S Court For iPad Trademark

Bored from the trend of drama between the Proviewand Apple on the trademark dispute of “iPad” moniker in the China? If yes,there we have a new twist in the story; it appears that Proview is going tolose all of its money while fighting with best tech giant in the world. In thelast couples of week, we have seen Proview has registered number of casesagainst Apple aggressively throughout the China has banned the sale of iPad in themarket, and seeks re-paid for the damages. While many of the local Chinesecourt sided with Proview, and ordered to ban the iPad in their city, but the yesterday hearing of Shanghai court, the jury sided with Apple and orders to continue thesale of iPad in the market of China.

Proview a bankrupt company is betting all of its reputation against the Apple, and in return it appears that Apple is not taking its serious due to high demand of its tablet in the market. Apple nicely impressed and over rooted Proview claims by telling Chinese court that if they ever ban iPad in China, it will not only hurt the Apple’s sale, but also the national interest of Chinese folks. Proview is aggressively moving to fight with Apple, while claiming that Apple did fraud while purchasing the rights on “iPad”moniker through some other facing company, and the rights agreement didn’t hold the rights of the use of “iPad” moniker in China, and therefore the bankrupt company is looking to be re-paid for the damages.


While Apple is defending the lawsuits against iPad trademark use by saying that they have purchased the rights of “iPad” moniker from the UK Proview many years ago for the $55,000, and now the China Proview is actually disgracing the original agreement of iPad trademark purchase. We cry on the claim of Proview in court, as the company asked court to ban the use of devicethat was put in the hands of 15 million people last quarter.  Apple also warned Proview that they will sue the company for “damaging Apple’s reputation” in front of media.


What do you think about this legal battle between these two companies?