Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

NoPill: Unlock and Activate All Hidden Features Of Windows 8 Build 7955

Since the first leak of Windows 8 made by leaking its Milestone 1 build 7950, we have seen firstly its new features and then we have also found the tool like (Windows 8 Tweaker and BluePoison) which lets you to activate those features on your copy of leaked Windows 8 M1. But the recently leaked another build M2 /pre-M3, has also some new features than the Milestone 1 and sadly the previous released tools didn’t work on this build 7955. To activate and unlock the new features of Windows 8 Build 7955 we have to do registry hacks but it was not possible for everyone to do.

But now, we have no need to do registry hacks for activating and unlocking the new features. Because now here we have a first tool “NoPill” which allows you to simply activate and unlock those new features by simply clicking on the options. NoPill is capable of unlocking following Windows 8 features:

  • Ribbon Explorer UI
  • Touch Pattern Login
  • Full DWM (No blur on Aero)
  • Immersive Browser
  • Modern Webcam
  • Modern Reader (PDF)
  • Lockscreen (UI)


You can download it from the developer’s website, from here or Directly form the mirror