Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Nokia Lumia 900 First Look & Hands On (CES 2012)

The publishers over the CES 2012 event finally got their hands on the latest device comes from the Nokia and Microsoft recently partnership, which aims to burst the fame of Windows Phone7 device in the international chart like iPhone and Android Phone. Nokia has shown up its latest Lumia 900 smartphone powered with Windows Phone 7, and new NFC technology to transfer data between two devices quickly than ever.
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia has built up its Lumia 900 with deep Windows Phone 7 software feature’s integration, and carries all the latest technology to beat all going technologies in the tech community. The media personalities over the event got hands-on with the device that shows the really colorful screen, but unfortunately at the first time they won’t have access to pass the lock screen of the Windows Phone 7.

Lumia 900

According to the inner report, Nokia has presented its new Lumia 900 with the developer build of the Windows Phone for the Nokia hardware, which doesn’t allow techies to dig into its system. However, the device works pretty cool and faster than the current present device in the market means, quite faster than the iPhone. In another side report, Microsoft also admits that they have revamped the Windows Phone 7 OS completely in the past to come up with something new to market to beat the iPhone and Android, as they have admitted Apple had created a sea wave in the market with the launch of the iPhone.