Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

No Welcome Video In The MAC OS X Lion, Start’s With “Setup Assistant” Scrolling In Lion

As we use to have a boot video in MAC OS X’s older version’s which use to Welcome the user’s who use to install the MAC OS X. The news is flying that in the MAC OS X Lion there is no Welsome screen though we are going to have a new setup named as “Mac OS X Lion Setup Assistant” in which the new gestures will be tutored and the new scrolling system for the Magic Mouse, as was revealed on WWDC 2011. No Welcome video was seen in the MAC OS  X Lion GM (Gold Master) too.

Nothing can be said for Apple, as they can kick a Welcome video at the last moment.

The new enhanced MAC OS X will be available at the MAC App Store on 14th July 2011 at a lovely price of $29.99 (US Dollars). What happens if we don’t get the Welcome video ?? Well nothing happens, below is the Welcome video of MAC OS X…