Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

First Ever Jailbreak Convention MyGreatFest To Take Place In UK In Few Hours

Before we start with any thing about this event, people fasten your seat belts, this ride will be a big one and you don’t want to miss it for sure.

Before we continue with the event and its details, you should take some time out and see the video of Introduction of the team of @MyGreatFest.

Introduction of the Team.

The team consists of the following members:

@flawlessfox (CEO)
@frizzmcjizz (Event co-ordinator)
@marklbentley (Web design)
@mroberts531 (Communications)
@iphone4_nerd (Web design)
@slate004 (Promotions)
@digidude512 (promotions)
@iphonehelpr (Web design)

Above are the links of the Team Members with their little description about designation.

What is MyGreatFest All About?

MyGreatFest is not about a birthday party of some popular Geek or Hacker, It is not about any student or school or any thing related to religion event. This is also not related to your daily life activities.Then what is this related to?

MyGreatFest is related to the Jailbreak World. MyGreatFest is all about Jailbreak and for those related to Jailbreak. MyGreatFest is all about those iOS Hackers, who PWNED Apple on their every new Firmware updates and let the users use the iDevices the way they want. Apple provided us with the best Smart Phone ever and the iOS Hackers provided us with the best Tool and Tweaks ever.

MyGreatFest is all about bringing iOS Hackers and Jailbreakers at one place and let them know about how hard the iOS Hackers worked for them and tell them all about their hard work and by hinting about thier future plans to PWN Apple.

This even is not only about Hackers. This event also invites Developers,Coders, Themers, and Hackers to tell the people that what Jailbreaking is all about.

Mission Statement of MyGreatFest:

Our mission is to become the largest jailbreak/(i)community convention for coders, themers, hackers, developers or any other mobile device user. To leave others with the better understanding of what jailbreaking actually means to us, and that it does not stand for
piracy. We aim to build upon a community that we believe to be the
best there is. So please, tell the world our mission. MyGreatFest, for the community, by the community

They got a very clear and nice mission statement. It clearly states that they want to become the largest Jailbreak/(I)community for Developers,Coders,hackers,And Themers all around the globe. They want the world (Apple) to know that to Jailbreak is not about piracy. Jailbreak is something which provides you what you need and Apple failed you to provide it.

Why Should We Show Up Or Watch Or Support This MyGreatFest Event?

As told you before that this event is or related to any of your daily activities or any Religion. This is related to the world of Jailbreaking Community. This event is all about the hard work done by by the people who are like you, who got a aim, want to do something in their life, they want to make people aware of the word “Jailbreak” that it is safe and not related to any Piracy.

The team at MyGreatFest have been working extremely hard since the creation of this event to make sure that no stone is left unturned and no idea is left out in the cold.

They want to remove the word Piracy from Jailbreak. There are more than million of users, who are using Apple iPhone’s,iPod’s, and iPad’s and out them 30-40 % people actually Jailbreak their iDevice regarding the fear that it is safe and rest don’t Jailbreak because they think that to Jailbreak is Piracy and Apple will screw them, if they Jailbreak.

Ok! So What Is This Jailbreak Thing, Which We Are Hearing From The Top?

This might sound awkward question but some of you really don’t know about what really Jailbreaking is. You all know that it is done to insert Cydia, but you don’t know what really Jailbreaking iOS means.

iOS jailbreaking, or simply jailbreaking, is the process of removing the limitations imposed by Apple on devices running the iOS operating system through use of custom kernels. Such devices include theiPhoneiPod TouchiPad, and 2nd Gen Apple TV. Jailbreaking allows users to gain full access (or root access) to the operating system, allowing iOS users to download additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store, via installers such as Cydia.

(Information taken from wikipedia)

The information must be very clear to the Question. Lets make it in a simple way.

Jailbreaking is the process to get freedom from the lock device to unlock device and get all those stuff which Apple failed to provide its users on their iOS Devices via App Store. With Jailbreak, you can download thousands of Themes, Tweaks, Extensions and you can also fix some of the things which Apple has missed or didn’t included in their iOS.

Sounds Interesting. Who Will Be At MyGreatFest A Part From The Team And Audience?

You will be listening and meeting those people, whom you never dreamed of meeting them in your life or some of you like me might have dreamed of to see them in real life and have a snapshot with them and appreciate their hard work, more ever than appreciation, tell them that their hard work is not going to waste and we all love them.

The members I came across are:

@P0sixninja (Joshua Hill)


@Saurik (Jay Freeman)

@ifile4iphone (iFile)

@aaronash (Aaron Ash)

I Only know One Or Two Of Them. Who are The Rest?

You for sure may not know about all of them but you are using their Tweaks and Tools on your iDevice. et me Introduce you to each of them.

Joshua Hill And OPK the members of The Chronic-Dev team. What they did?

They made the Jailbreak Tool called Greenp0ison which PWNED iOS 4.2.1 for your iDevices and they are working on the Jailbreak of iPad 2. It was epxected before that, if the iPhone 5 shows up before MyGreatFest, they will show a Jailbreak demo for iPhone 5. But unluckily no iPhone 5.

Jay Freeman: you all must be aware of this person. For those who don’t know, this person is the Maker of Cydia. The tool for which you are waiting eagerly to get on your iDevice, when ever you buy it.

iFile What Is This?

iFile is a program available in Cydia which lets you get files from your root, edit your files right on your iDevices and lets you do many things like send the files in their respected location. iFile Developer will be there at MyGreatFest.

The last but not least

Aaron Ash: Now who Is He?

He is also one of the developer of the most downloaded and pretty awesome tweak Called Barrel and Multifl0w. The one and only Tweak in Cydia (Barrel) which made the 3D effect on your iOS screen.

Here is a picture of all these people in action:

The order is @iFile4iPhone @aaronash @jwhelton@iOPK @p0sixninja in that picture. (left to right)

Looks Pretty Cool.. Where To Get The Tickets From?

This not just cool, this is Epic. Well you can get Tickets from MyGreatFest Tickets Section by clicking here.

Below is a snapshot of Prices.

I Am Planning To Go To This MyGreatFest Event. But Where Will I Stay?

You don’t have to worry about this. The team has done all the homework for you.

Heathrow Heston M4 Eastbound: £74.50 for the Friday and Saturday night.

Heathrow Heston M4 Westbound: £49.00 for the Friday and Saturday night.

Feltham: £51.50 for the Friday and Saturday night.

Rest information is available here about the location of the Hotels and MyGreatFest Event Place.

Where Is The Event Located?

The event is located at The Old Truman Brewery, warehouse boasting a HUGE 27,500 sqft ground floor venue. Read More

For Some Reason I Cannot Come/Attend MyGreatFest Event, So Is There Any Way I Can Support And Show The Love To The Jailbreak Community?

“When there is a will, there is a way.”

Yes. You can support MyGreatFest event by clicking this link, which will navigate you to @P0sixninja’s Donation Board.

Where Can I See This Event Live?

You can see this Event live on MyGreatFest Official Website. We will also try our level best to Stream this event live to you and do live posting about this event.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook in order to stay tuned for the live posting and stream of the event.