Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Moosic Allow You To Change The Listening Music By Tilting iPhone

A new app makes it way to the App Store named “Moosic”, which is aimed to change the experience of your listening music through your iPhone and iPod Touch. The new app allow you to perform tasks quickly such as a changing the song, stop, play, forwarding, this app will allow you to control music on your iPod Touch and iPhone by simply tilting your device. So have you ever think about it?

As I have already described above that Moosic allow you to browse, play, stop and set the song for playing, but the function of the app does not ends here, it also comes up with several features which allow you to control your device option by tilting it. Moosic is perfect for use at home, at work, while you are studying and on many other occasions where you want to change, stop or start a song quickly. The application also has an interesting feature that allows you to turn off the screen automatically when the iPhone relies on a surface with the screen facing down.

Moosic for iPhone and iPod Touch comes up in two flavors, a free lite version with of course limited number of features and complete version with all features of the App, you can get the app from App Store at the price of € 0.79