Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Following STC, Mobily & Zain Also Launched 4G LTE In Saudi Arabia

STC yesterday announced the 4G LTE network around Saudi Arabia and North Africa but as the other’s were also behind and they launched the 4G LTE too. Mobily also announced the packages well as of the last carrier i.e Zain just gave a promo of 4G LTE to be launching.

4G LTEHitting Mobily first, they announced the packages for the 4G LTE service in Saudi Arabia and they are similar to the 3G packages but are of course a bit expensive

They didn’t announced there hot spot locations so they can be the old ones while subscribing to Mobily will give you free of 3 months if you are new to them.

Well Zain also launched 4G LTE but without announcing the packages, hope they will be soon announcing the packages.