Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Microsoft Will Not Launch Xbox 720 This Year (2012)

Earlier last year, Microsoft was highly rumored by the sources to introduce a successor to the Xbox 360, called Xbox 720 for the potential game lovers in 2012. However, now according to the new report inside from the Redmond-based company suggests that Microsoft is not going to launch the newer Xbox 720 this year, and for surely going to miss the first rumored introduction date of the device. Xbox 720 was initially rumored to be launch in the Q3 of 2012, but now according the report from the Microsoft’s marketing director in France; the new gaming console will not release this year.

xbox 720 launch
Cedrick Delma, marketing director of Microsoft in France, told Le Point earlier this year that Microsoft is not all good to release the new gaming console to its game freak community. According to the report, Microsoft may show the glimpse of Xbox 720 this year, but not the console. Xbox 720 is the successor version of Xbox 360 that will definitely come with new features to the gaming experience, and to compete with the high competition market of gaming consoles.

Last year, Microsoft was rumored to unveil its Xbox 720 during this year’s E3 gaming show in Los Angeles, but now according to the new report, Redmond-based company may miss the firstly, rumored date of unveiling the device. On other hands, few Microsoft patents recently reveal that Xbox 720 will be a set-top box complete with DVR functionalities. The newer Xbox 720 is said to be six times faster than the current generation device.


[Via The Verge]