Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Microsoft: No New Xbox Update Scheduled For This Year

Besides the hiccup growth of Windows Phone around the world, Microsoft is also doing very well with the sales of their gaming console while becoming the biggest rival to the Sony Entertainment with their Xbox gaming console series. From the last year, we have been hearing from many sources around the high profiles that Microsoft is about to work on the next-generation gaming console Xbox 720, and planned to launch the device in 2012 at E3 conference. However, it is now reported that Microsoft has changed its plan a bit, and trying to skip another year without launching any new hardware update.

Microsoft has announced that their current generation Xbox 360 is already doing very well in the market, without even a drop of sales quarter-wise, and therefore, they have planned to skip this year with still no new upgrade to their gaming console version.  The Redmond-Company recently has announced that they are not going to unveil any new gaming Xbox console at the E3 video game conference, which is scheduled to be happening in June, along with a simple statement, Microsoft hints at the customers not to expect any new Xbox hardware from the company any time soon in the near future

While the company titles the last year, as the best ever year for Xbox 360 – a year in which company’s gaming console beatsall the rival gamings console, including the DVD players and digital media receivers as well. On the inside level, we believe that Microsoft just brings heat to their gaming console with the massive sales of Xbox 360, and testing the new upgraded hardware update in their labs to make it more profit-able for the company, like the Xbox 360.