Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Microsoft Native Office App For iPad Is Submitted To App Store

In the last few months, Microsoft bit active in launching new applications for the iOS devices, to promote its products on the big user database of Apple. We heard last month that Microsoft is preparing a Microsoft Office application for the iPad consoles, to allow users to create and edit documents right on their platforms. The launch of the application was not hinted, but the sources only claimed that Microsoft is on the way to compete with Apple on iOS device platform with its iCloud, and iWork apps for the iOS devices.

Earlier this morning, The Daily publishes a number of images running the new exclusive Office app for iPad on their device, and claimed to be having spent a decent amount of minutes with pre-launched application on their device. The publication posted their experience with the work-in-progress application of Microsoft Office for the iPad, and claims through their unnamed sources that the Microsoft native Office app for iPad is ready, and now testing on some upper levels, and then it will be soon submitted to Apple for the App Store approval.

According to the source, Microsoft engineers are wrapping up the application, and then will start work on the new update for the OneNote iOS app to give a computer overhaul look with metro style. On the other side, sources claim that Microsoft is also looking for the same application version for the Android devices. Once the application landed in the App Store, we will give you a complete review to the application with all pros and cons of the application.