Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Resellers Now Experiencing Shortages Over 15-inch Macbook Pro, 2012 Models Coming!

It seems that supply chain reports were pretty correct regarding the upcoming Macbook Pro 2012 model updates in the forthcoming months. It is reported that third-party resellers are now facing a slight issue in the availability of the Macbook Pro stock from the Apple. It seems that Apple is having shortages over the stock of 15-inch Macbook Pro models, and undoubtedly, these shortages are now hinting on the refresh model of Macbook Pro 2012 models in the market.


However, Apple has yet to hold the orders for the Macbook Pro models over its own official website, but it is strongly reported that Apple is facing some shortages issue over the 15-inch Macbook Pro model in the distribution channel for the third-party reseller of the device. These shortages are now expanding to more third-party resellers of Macbook Pro devices. This might also affect the pallet resellers that buy returned amazon shipments (like the pallets returns uk) in bulk with the hope that they could get apple phones and laptops, which they can resell at a price less than the market rate and earn some profit.

That said, Apple has been rumored to be involved in ramping up the production of Macbook Pro 2012 models for the mid-year launch with the exclusive availability of the Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors.

Apple is said to be delivering a complete new model to its Macbook Pro series, this year. The new designs are reportedly to look alike the Macbook Air, means much slimmer than the older designs. Apple is also reported to be delaying the production of 13-inch Macbook Pro models until June, as Intel’s leak road map hints that the dual-core Ivy Bridge processor would not be able to make their way into a market until June, therefore, Apple is going to delay the launch and production of refresh Macbook Pro 2012 models.

On the other side, it is also reported that Apple is not going to update the 17-inch Macbook Pro design, as the users very rarely purchase these designs, so Apple is believing to skip the design update for these size variations.