Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iTunes 11 Seeded With iOS 6 Support, Deeper iCloud Integration

The things are definitely now moving rapidly about the upcoming devices, and the new upcoming iOS updates. Earlier this morning, we have learned couple of tidbits regarding the new iPhone 5 design changes, and now this time we have just got report from the reputable personality of the community, Mark Gurman, who has reported that his sources has just got their hands on the iTunes 11. Yes, the new forthcoming iTunes 11 internal build is pretty leak to him now. According to his first view of the iTunes 11, the new upcoming major update to iTunes 11 is going to feature couple of new features, including the deep integration of iCloud in the iTunes.


iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is meant to be the main house of iOS 6 support for the iOS devices, and it will surely introduce many new features with the launch of iOS 6 beta to developers. The iTunes 11 is appeared to be centralized with the iCloud integration, means Apple finally decided to over write its iTunes with iCloud integration. Undoubtedly, Apple has been working on this new upcoming iTunes 11 version for several months, and seeds the internal build of this new iTunes only to the authority engineers in the field, but it is now reported that Apple has begun seeding the iTunes 11 to some more engineers within their headquarter.

Last year in summer, few sources claimed to be having an access over the iTunes 11, and reported that Apple is going to completely facelift its iTunes software with a new design, so this year in the initial build it is reported that Apple had made many changes into the UI of iTunes. We are now waiting to see a more detailed report regarding the iTunes 11.