Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iSHSHit Updated To Save SHSH Of iOS 4.3.4 Directly From Your iDevice

Till now you all must be aware of the SHSH Blobs saving Clients. If you don’t know so there are 2 Tweaks, One is Tiny Umbrella and one is iSHSHit. Tiny Umbrella needs PCto save SHSH Blobs and iSHSHit can save the SHSH Blobs directly on your iDevice.

So today iSHSHit was updated to version 1.0.9 to save the SHSH Blobs for iOS 4.3.4 which released few weeks back by Apple to fix the iPad 2 Jailbreak which was released by Comex and no major updated were made in the update.


Any how, to use iSHSHit is very easy. All you ahve to do is First jailbreak your iDevice and install Cydia. Then open Cydia and search for iSHSHit. you will find it in Bigboss repo for free. Once you find it download it and open it when it is done.

Once it is done and opened simply select the firmware of which you want to save the SHSH Blobs. It wont save the previous one because the Firmwares are not available any more.