Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Is The iPhone 4 Baseband Unlock Coming from The Chronic Dev-Team [Possibilities Shown]

Moments ago we told you about that The Chronic Dev-Team has to announce some Huge Changes. Till now those were unknown and till now they are unknown but Twitter doesn’t let any thing Unknown. As we expected that they could be possibly working on the Unlock, this news seems to be true. Some guy on Twitter asked P0sixninja that, if they are working on an iPhone4 Unlock. The reply was very Shocking. If you don’t believe us so see it your self.

@p0sixninja Are you planning to work on unlock solution for iPhone 4?

@hazelcutie15 we’re working on it. Shouldn’t take too long

Seems to be really interesting. The Chronic Dev-Team got the Unlock in works and are working on it. They also said that it won’t take much long. So no ETA Till now.No more info on it till now as things becoming very fishy fishy. Stay tuned to get more news on it and we will tell you as soon as we hear or see any thing on it.

About the Dev-Team, they are working on the Factory Unlock Stuff and got some progress on it.

If they came up with an Unlock, so what will be it called Green unlock or Ultrasn0w would be updated.?


If you think this is fake so see this:

The Tweet is the same,The date is the Same, The thing only changed is the name and we will prove it when we are allowed by the user on Twitter. And we don’t want to give away a fake news so don’t blame us for this. If we fail to prove this is right so we will delete the post.


iPhone Italia also says about the Unlock. So are they also wrong?