Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple’s iPhone 5 Lost Prototype Ad “What We Will Do”

If you are a regular reader at FreakGeeks, you might have noticed about the news about the Lost Prototype of iPhone 5 in San Francisco in a Bar. Either we call it a Drama or a new Marketing Strategy by Apple. We are not against Apple, we also love Apple as much as you do, but to lose the most valuable is something more than a drama because last year iPhone 4 was allegedly leaked in a Bar in Cupertino. After the designer of Apple dropped the iPhone 4 in a bar, some gadget web bought the iPhone 4 for $5,000 and showed the model on their web.  Later one those web people were sued by Apple.

This time Apple did a secret deal with SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) who helped Apple‘s security personal in this lost prototype case. The team did a search of the house which they claimed to track down via GPS.  Their bad luck with that house. They didn’t found anything there.

After some weeks report came that SFPD has now launched some kind of special probes in the search of iPhone 5 lost prototype.  Well they are looking for the Prototype, hope they find the lost prototype.

iPhone 5 Stolen Prototype

At one side the search for lost iPhone 5 prototype is in progress and on the other hand American Comedian, Conan O’Brian has done some work for the iPhone 5 Lost Prototype. He is not helping Apple in the search of iPhone 5 Prototype, but he is more interested in showing the condition which Apple will do of the person who got the lost iPhone 5 Prototype, once they found out the person.

See the video below of Conan on iPhone 5 Lost Prototype.