Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

iPhone4 Explodes In Norway Due To Sub Zero Temperature

Hey folks this is unbelievable that an iPhone4 Exploded due to the cold weather in Norway and guys at Apple Store refused to repair it or change the iPhone.

As the Swedish blog ‘Feber’ reports, a Norwegian woman used her Iphone 4 in her car, playing music in the typically cold Scandinavian weather. Suddenly the phone exploded.

But when she returned the phone to the store, it turned out that Apple’s guarantee doesn’t cover use of an Iphone 4 in freezing temperatures. The story isn’t at its end, but luckily the consumer protection laws in Norway and also Sweden overrides Apple’s contract and the guarantee will be valid if the phone has been used under normal conditions. Freezing temperatures is a normal condition in winter, and here we are talking about nothing outrageous, just around 15 Fahrenheit or -10 Celsius.

In Apple’s warranty states that the iPhone will not be used outdoors if it’s below freezing or above 35 degrees Celsius.

Apple should had replaced her iPhone or have got it repaired for some charge if not the warranty. So Apple should really improve their product reliability because things like these will be a great loss to the Apple and a big disappointment to the Million Fans out there.