Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

iPhone4 BaseBand Unlock By A Team Of Russian Hackers Can Be True [Proof]

Hey folks we posted before that the Unlock for the iPhone4 baseband seems to come true. A group of Russian Hackers omitted that they are working on the Unlock for the iPhone4 which was delayed by the Dev-Team.

At first it seemed to be fake because the BaseBand was totally new. You can also see here.

If you see the BaseBand so it is totally new. So we doubted it that it is some thing fake. But we were wrong.

If you didn’t forget about the Mind Of A Genius which the Method in which the iPhone3G & iPhone3GS BaseBand was updated to the iPad Baseband 6.15.00 and then it was unlocked. So this is also some what the same. The Baseband which you are seeing 7.10.00 is not Fake it is the Baseband of the iPad on iOS4.2.1.

The Baseband on which currently iPhone3G/3GS users are on is the iPad baseband for the the OS 3.2,3.2.1,3.2.1.

Now see this interesting thing.

So the Baseband you saw in the above picture is the baseband of the iPad3G 7.10.00.

Seems to be really interesting thing that the iPad3G Baseband 7.10.00 will be imported to iPhone4 and the Baseband will be updated to 7.10.00.

Now see this interesting fact.

The Blue sign is for iPad baseband. Which says No Need To Unlock

So we can expect a Unlock from these Russian hackers some time soon. Hope so we get it before the iOS4.3 and iOS4.2.5.