Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Iphone And Ipad Apps For Yoga Lovers

Providing thousands and thousands of apps designed to increase the productivity of users, iPhone and iPad can serve as the valuable devices to help you take break from the fast paced world. Below we bring to you some famous iPhone and iPad apps for the yoga lovers. These are the useful apps for all yoga enthusiasts who look forward to practice yoga at home, in office or even while on the go.

iDaily Yoga

It is the perfect app for novice all set to commit to the ancient practice of yoga but is without any experience. With the simple routines made to improve your body’s flexibility and calm the mind, the app even includes a list of poses.

Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch is the amazing app for all those looking forward to a traditional Vinyasa approach with the standard postures. The app includes 60 poses which are fully customized and helps users to program the session to around an hour or so. The app even comes with in-built instructor as well as calming meditative music to accompany your session.

Yoga Trainer Pro

This serves to be one of the most effective and famous iPhone app and that too with a good reason. With a number of poses including over 80 video sequences and latest podcast feature, the app is most sought after in the market today. With its feature to customize the sequences on your own, this serves as the best app for yogis all across the world.

Meditation Timer

It is the recent app that consists of great features such as ability to restart and pause, log which tracks the meditation stats and some amazing backgrounds.


Breathing serves to be a necessary part of any successful and effective yoga practice and thus Pranayama is the breathing yoga. The app is simple and is focused on breathing. Does it sound easy? However this type of meditation and control is the revelation that you get hang of it completely. You can select from 3 difficulty levels, practice time and volume of breaths every minute. In case the routines offered in the app is not as per your liking, you can even make your own routines.

You can further use some apps on your iPad as well. One of the popular applications includes All-in YOGA HD: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes. This app is there with amazing features which help you to organize the yoga routines in an easy and effective manner. Designed by experts, the app is surely a great tool to gain healthy body and mind along with discovering harmony. With the easy to use application, you can surely enjoy proper relief, relaxation, meditation and say goodbye to stress.

This app for the iPad uses special algorithm that selects the individual program as per your physical condition, time duration and objectives. You can further make your own program to find some readymade plan that meets your needs well.

In short, these apps for yoga lovers are more than just tools. They may become your instructor; thereby brining you better understanding of your needs and feelings, boost the overall energy levels and invigorate spirit of life.